Wrecker Sentence Examples | Use Wrecker in a sentence

1.you don't mind being a home-Wrecker?

2.but a member from the Wrecker crew said both front tyres were punctured and the front left wheel was almost torn off.

3.they use these devices it's called a Wrecker ball they use them to demolish buildings.

4.they use these devices-- - it's called a Wrecker ball-- they use them to demolish buildings.

5.i believe we all strive to be the builder of strong clubs and not their "Wrecker. "

6.he likes the Wrecker's dogs on chains

7.he's a Wrecker of other people's dreams.

8.application of simulation technique in robust analysis of rotary Wrecker

9.the night ended with the r32, sans part of its lower fascia, its coolant and some of its wiring harnesses, on a flat bed Wrecker.

10.some postings, albeit far fewer, branded her as a gold digger and family-Wrecker.

11.and i hate the fact that i'm a home Wrecker.

12.to work as a Wrecker. emergency ship salvage material system

13.i do not appreciate your attempt to smear my reputation and paint me as the home Wrecker.