Worry Sentence Examples | Use Worry in a sentence

1.send me a letter as soon as you arrive so that i won't Worry.

2.'why didn't you tell us?' — 'i didn't want to Worry you.'

3.they Worry that extremists might gain control.

4.the Worry is that the use of force could make life impossible for the un peacekeepers

5.my main Worry was that madeleine johnson would still be there

6.i'll not Worry about it. i'll let nature take its course.

7.i Worry about her constantly

8.so your baggage might be delayed for a few days. but don't Worry we'll go on negotiating with them.

9.i work in a school so i don't have to Worry about finding someone to look after my little boy

10.in the middle of that beautiful love scene? that wouldn't be very tactful, would it? but don't Worry, your secret is safe with me.

11.biotechnology companies patent genes, the very stuff of life, while scientists Worry that this risks compromising basic research.

12.as near as a foreigner like me can understand it, the basis of face seems to be Worry about other peoples' opinions.

13.if you're late, your mother will Worry for you.

14.these also allows the riders to enjoy the scenery without any Worry of a car trying to hit them off the road.

15.his last years were overshadowed by financial Worry.

16.you have no cause to Worry.

17.well, if one good thing came out of the play, it's that i don't have to Worry about the "bubby" nickname anymore.

18.you don't have to Worry about me. i'm a good swimmer

19.i don't think you need to Worry in the least.

20.don't Worry, your luggage will come on afterwards by taxi

21.lower-income people and minorities are more likely to Worry that it might not be safe to send their children out on halloween night.

22.the cold doesn't Worry me

23.it wouldn't Worry me if he came to my house, but i don't know if i would go out of my way to ask him.

24.i told her not to Worry about her father. we would take good care of him.

25.on balance, the chances are that, over the next few months at least, the fed will Worry more about inflation than about slower growth.

26.today he does not have to Worry about making a living.

27.'my Worry is that current thinking is betting too much on social spending as a way to get out of this problem, ' he said.

28.the admission shows the depth of Worry among the tories over the state of the economy

29.don't Worry yourself about me, i can take care of myself

30.don't Worry about me; i'm very well.

31.you know, it does Worry me.

32.does it Worry you that the americans are discussing this?

33.'not to Worry, baby,' he said, and kissed her tenderly.

34.he'll never leave you. you need have no Worry

35.don't Worry, you still have a little time.

36.frankly, thomas, this question of your loan is beginning to Worry me

37.'don't you Worry about any of this,' she said patting me on the knee