Worked Sentence Examples | Use Worked in a sentence

1.the european union has proposed new regulations to control the hours Worked by its employees

2.friends who have Worked for seven years in hainan, saying that this season, under such a rain of sanya is rare.

3.he Worked in a travel agent's. was a major embarrassment that we did not know how they Worked.

5.he'd given too much to his career, Worked long hours, neglected her all likelihood, the committee will have to interview every woman who's Worked with thomas.

7.within a decade, the strategy had been adopted in nearly every country in the world. it Worked. in fact, it had a dramatic impact.

8.i Worked quite irregular hours factor thought to have Worked in his favour is his working class image

10.the details of the plan are still being Worked out

11.i had Worked hard to be included in a project like this

12.things have thankfully Worked out all right

13.and mr yanukovich would be stuck with precisely the label that he has Worked so hard to shed: that of a neo-soviet autocrat.

14.i first Worked with him in 1971 when we were both on the lowest rung of our careers

15.some members of the house and senate Worked all day yesterday

16.we Worked hard, but it was worth it.

17.he had Worked on the factory floor for 16 years.

18.the system Worked perfectly. tell whether the caching Worked, look at the time stamp shown in the markup; it should be the same as what you observed earlier.

20.the three leaders had Worked out a peace plan

21.just like the heat of our hearts, the sun Worked so hard and warmed the playground up for the annual campus charity fair in the afternoon.

22.they've Worked for about two weeks without a paycheck.

23.they Worked over the old furniture.

24.we have been working very hard, and our families have also Worked hard

25.conant is described as a working class boy who Worked his way into harvard.

26.i knew he Worked for a security firm

27.steve shouted at her. he was really Worked up now.

28.he had Worked alongside frank and mark and they had become friends

29.he had Worked with the general for three years and was sorry to see him go

30.we Worked only two hours in the afternoon, but we accomplished a lot.

31.thankfully, she still had live appearances to keep her going, but she Worked in europe increasingly over the next several years.

32.high oxygenic pressure vessels Worked as the environmental control and ecological protection has no exception.

33.a screw had Worked loose from my glasses.

34.when i Worked in florida i dealt with british people all the time qualify for maternity leave you must have Worked for the same employer for two years

36.he and i Worked together on a book

37.we had Worked together for two solid years.

38.this is the seventh year that he has Worked the streets of manhattan.

39.basically the system ought to have Worked

40.i've Worked for him for two years and though i admire his talent i find his mood swings increasingly stressful.