Withering Sentence Examples | Use Withering in a sentence

1.deborah jane's mother gave her a Withering look

2.daylight Withering room design for white tea and the improvement on Withering condition

3.foliage dull dark green at tips or margins of leaflets and Withering of older leaves.

4.but drivers found the new system confusing, and consumer reports issued a Withering report on its functionality.

5.hitherto the Withering flowers cant withstand the sunshine notwithstanding my care.

6.this is why last week's news about the Withering green shoots is so important.

7.the grass is gradually dried-up and Withering and pallen leaves.

8.we only managed to walk a few steps before collapsing in the Withering heat.

9.it is in this Withering silence, the fall last drop of dew.

10.on this point, although i have not personally experienced the stink of a chinese skunk, i can attest that an american skunk's Withering stink is the worst smelling thing i have ever come across.

11.Withering in the conflict and confusion& on root causes of tess 'tragedy

12.Withering is a key process in the formation of white tea quality.

13.i always thought i could rise to any occasion, stand the most Withering fire, and do two or three jobs at once.

14."it sounded as if you were praying, " she said bravely, but she felt herself inside to be Withering and shrinking.

15.their love was Withering away.

16.fear is Withering the soul at the point of no return we must be the change we wish to see!

17.old people are complaining that the old ethical values are Withering away.

18.the grass was Withering on the hillsides.

19.the right time to collect rhizome should be at the stage of twining stem Withering.

20.i had the feeling of a stray lamb looking for shelter and a Withering flower looking for rain and dew.

21.this process eats into a pool of collateral already shrinking with the Withering market values of many eurozone sovereigns' bonds.

22.the death of cells is similar to Withering of flowers, which is an active physiological cycle.

23.or price index rose at a stage when turnover is often quite small. index peaked when turnover is Withering.

24.the root of ideal is Withering eventually the secular spirit of utilitarianism is concealed.

25.possessing annihilative power; a devastating hurricane; the guns opened a Withering fire.

26.it was a flowering out of feelings which had been Withering in dry and almost barren soil for many years.

27.romance is seeing flowers Withering away you want to cry.

28.but it seems to be Withering faster in the middle east than anywhere else.

29.these were charlotte bronze's jane eyre and emily bronte's Withering heights.

30.experimental study on sunshine continuous Withering method of white tea and its application effect

31.i am Withering and dying, crying out to you.

32.karl marx assumed that taxation would be unnecessary after the advent of communism and looked forward to the "Withering away of the state" .

33.i wish my thanks to turn into a bunch of fresh flowers without Withering forever, bringing fragrance to your life.

34.under the Withering assault of the locust swarms, a quarter of west africa's crops could vanish.

35.the Withering of the doha world trade round has led, predictably, to a flourishing crop of alternatives.

36.she launched a Withering attack on the press.

37.he made a Withering attack on governmerit policy.

38.bright colourful flowers, it will eventually have one days beginning withered Withering.

39.she scorns a pasture Withering to the root.

40.the autumn wind, is very barbed face, with tears in his eyes, like autumn in the fields of Withering flower, the wind blows fall down.