Wishbone Sentence Examples | Use Wishbone in a sentence

1.troubleshooting user components in a Wishbone soft processor platform

2.she suspected as much when, at18 months, i lined up my stuffed animals in the Wishbone offense.

3.the model of the rear double Wishbone independent suspension was built according to hard point coordinates of the rear suspension.

4.this comes thanks to the double-Wishbone suspension, adjustable shocks, and adjustable anti-roll bars.

5.build me a son whose Wishbone will not be where his backbone should be; a son who will know thee and that to know himself is the foundation stone of knowledge.

6.insert diagonal arm and fit it on the Wishbone.

7.well, before, with the Wishbone* i didn't wish we would win the lottery, i wished you'd get the job.

8.the forked bone that lies between the neck and breast of a bird is called the Wishbone.

9.the Wishbone is actually the forked bone from a fowl's breast, better known as the "furcula".

10.wishing upon a Wishbone is an ancient custom.

11.a system programmed in perl/ tk for the customed auto-generated Wishbone bus is given.

12.de homem-christo, 39, has shoulder-length hair and heavier scruff and is wearing white sneakers, tight black pants, a dark t-shirt that says 'bad attitude' and a Wishbone pendant around his neck.

13.the double-Wishbone suspension, also known as an a-arm suspension, is another common type of front independent suspension.

14.a thimble means that a woman will not marry, a coin means wealth and a Wishbone means that their dearest wish will be granted.

15.everyone is seatedcath: as Wishbone pull winner, i'd like to make a toast before we eat.

16.the lae series electric power clamp is light weight and uses a Wishbone style arm.

17.modal analysis of low arm also provides reference for finite element analysis of double Wishbone suspension.

18.fea of lower control arm for rear double Wishbone independent suspension

19.never grow a Wishbone, daughter, where your backbone ought to be.

20.simulation contrast analysis of macpherson suspension and double Wishbone suspension based on adams/ car

21.application of adams/ insight in double Wishbone torsion bar independent suspension

22.the crossover also features a new, uniquely designed double-Wishbone rear suspension that helps provide exceptional agility and control.

23.design of sensor control system on chip based on Wishbone

24.Wishbone threaded joint on carrier side section.

25.virtual design and optimization of Wishbone front suspension based on adams

26.ethernet ip core based on Wishbone bus interface

27.the kinematics analysis of double Wishbone and multi-link suspension system based on the software of adams/ car

28.Wishbone: the forked bone anterior to the breastbone of most birds, formed by the fusion of the clavicles.

29.never grow a Wishbone, daughter, where your backbone ought to be. --clementine paddleford, american food writer.

30.the vehicle must be raised in order to check the lower axle joint on the Wishbone.

31.using adams establish double Wishbone independent suspension model, through simulation the formula and conclusion are proved to be efficient and accurate.

32.Wishbone suspension, torsion liar, characteristic analysis, design& calculation;

33.this "split Wishbone" design lowered the front axle about 1 inch (2. 5 cm) and improved vehicle handling.

34.good luck: four leaf clover, horse shoe, Wishbone, rabbits foot, cross fingers.

35.vegetarians never get to do the Wishbone.

36.the suspension system uses a double Wishbone configuration which can be adjusted to raise the body.