Whooper Sentence Examples | Use Whooper in a sentence

1.village of fishermen as a friend to big swan, Whooper swans all close, everyone love big swan.

2.lagoonal wetland flora in Whooper swan ( cygnus cygnus) nature reserve in rongcheng of shandong

3.the Whooper swan is a bird to inspire flights of fancy.

4.Whooper swans take off mostly on water, but can do so on solid ground, using a short run and beating their massive wings to achieve liftoff.

5.i really liked the Whooper swan picture in the nature category, which was shot for national geographic magazine.

6.observation on the breeding habit of Whooper swan in the semi-natural environment

7.Whooper, who lives at a country club close to the island's airport, lost his partner two years ago.

8.she said Whooper was very happy, despite his pining for a helicopter, but as swans tend to mate for life finding him a partner would help keep him safe.

9.the karyotype of Whooper swan

10.a photographer captures the grace and poetry of the Whooper swan.