Whelp Sentence Examples | Use Whelp in a sentence

1.you impetuous little Whelp. . . i know exactly what you and the mortal are up to. are you ready to die, dragon?

2.whenever laccolith Whelp becomes blocked, you may have it deal damage equal to its power to target creature.

3.archimonde: the wretched little Whelp actually hurt me. . . are there none left to stand against the legion?

4.you're nothing more than a burgund Whelp!

5.bow of searing arrows and red Whelp gloves will no longer break crowd control effects.

6.hallo! has the Whelp been playing that game long?

7.as a breeder, concern for the bitches health and ability to Whelp a litter of pups is usually forward thinking when working through issues.

8.a bull, finding a lion's Whelp asleep, gored him to death with his horns.

9.it look as if the dog be about to Whelp

10.what ails you, cathy?'he was saying when i entered:` you look as dismal as a drowned Whelp.

11.what ails you, cathy? ' he was saying when i entered: `you look as dismal as a drowned Whelp.

12.every human Whelp must learn about the world step by step. however, each puppy is a world of its own.

13.no , no , no . not at all . by all means , kill the Whelp.

14.it look as if the dog were about to Whelp.

15.the dog stayed at home to Whelp and raise her puppy.

16.she Whelp she was going to see him this mid-day.

17.rothschild: (dying) insolent Whelp! think you've outwitted me?

18.that is the sole consideration which can make him endure the Whelp.

19.this Whelp is the only person she loves!

20.a bull, finding a lion's Whelp asleep, gored him to death with his horn.