Weird Sentence Examples | Use Weird in a sentence

1.when we called to tell her, she said it was Weird because she had received my rejection letter.

2.i can tell you this: it's Weird. i've been very lucky.

3.i don't know why, but this is so Weird to me.

4.i knocked off a little piece of what i thought was just sandstone, and i looked at it, and it had a Weird pattern to it. . .

5.on the train. yea, she was sitting next to this very Weird couple that started fighting, so she had to move. felt Weird going back to liverpool.

7.i thought you were finished with doing Weird stuff.

8.users who are in the habit of installing software only with root privileges might find it a bit Weird having to install things without them.

9.that first day was Weird

10.i had a Weird night.

11.the altered landscape looks unnatural and Weird. must be really Weird to be rich

13.he's different. he's Weird's Weird but i have good news from one of my vision to share with someone.

15.can i ask you kind of a Weird question?

16.drugs can make you do all kinds of Weird things're too Weird and sad.

18.what Weird, funny, offensive or elegant sign-offs have i missed?

19.the time i spent with him had had a Weird effect on me.

20.she has some Weird ideas. know, i just it's so Weird. seems that many of the Weird space launch tales involve some sort of hapless animal. this one is no different.

23.'she was Weird.' — 'how so?'

24.possibly i am a Weird person.

25."the nations i would worry about, Weird places run by odd dictators, they're just not capable of doing this stuff, " he said.

26.but although i no longer thought malcolm quite so Weird, i wasn't sure if i wanted to go out in his company.

27.his Weird behaviour had cooled her passion.

28.Weird things have happened to me today. looked like an apple store. it had the classic apple store winding staircase and Weird upstairs sitting area. why is it not Weird now? why have you told me?

31.Weird. i think i just got to calibrate mine so i can adjust the scans properly.

32.look, i know it's Weird i slept here. was a Weird old house, full of creaks and groans.

34.but people looked at it and realized that's not Weird enough, so they decided to put little dolls like pig jockeys, to spice things up.

35.this may sound Weird to you but i'm telling you it has made a very big and positive difference in every aspect of raising them easier.

36.she said: 'people that don't actually know me say it's Weird.

37.i hear things and see Weird stuff. don't think it's Weird and kind of fascist?