Weft Sentence Examples | Use Weft in a sentence

1.rapier looms are made in a variety of types. the article presents a new way for Weft insertion motion on rapier weaving machine.

2.bias Weft detection system of fabric based on msp430

3.single mottle yarn dyed oxford is from a gray fabric of t/ c warp and all cotton Weft.

4.a woven carpet consists of a pile warp (which forms the contact surface) and at least one warp thread and one Weft thread.

5.the shear of woven fabrics results largely in the alteration in the angle between warp and Weft yarn.

6.design and application of Weft selecting interface off-line in water-jet loom

7.the set may consist of a single yarn ( Weft knitting) or a single group of yarns ( warp knitting).

8.in both warp and Weft knitting, the principal mechanical elements used to form loops are needles. the most common type of needles, used in both warp and Weft knitting, is the latch needle.

9.choosing appropriate structural elements to do morphologic operation on the fabric image can obtain Weft and warp segmentation images;

10.analysis on loom Weft insertion mechanism based on virtual prototype technique

11.knitting machines used for Weft knitting may also be of the flat bed type.

12.the term Weft is taken from weaving terminology.

13.woven fabrics are made of two sets of yarns - a lengthwise set called the warp and a crosswise set called the filling or Weft.

14.passes the Weft thread between the warp threads.

15.70s, warp knitting, Weft knitting technology has been widely used in ribbon.

16.the warp brocade was traditional weaving technique in ancient china; the Weft brocade was weaving technique of hesperian.

17.the synthetical analysis of Weft motion in the rapier loom by elastic dynamics and kinematics methods is made in this paper.

18.a fine cloth of cotton, silk or linen, commonly of plain weave with colored warp and white Weft.

19.although either may be used for Weft knitting, the latch needle is more common.

20.Weft knit fabrics can be made by machines, Weft knitting is also the technique usually used in hand-knitting.

21.helically wound multi-filar cables and braids now predominate. considerable Weft knitting is done on circular machines.

22.the stiffness of a fabric can be objectively determined as the average of the flexural rigidities (in warp and Weft direction) .

23.the estimation for yarn consumption ratio in the technological design of Weft knitted reversible jacquard fabric

24.it may be concluded that the key points are adjusting the Weft tension for weaving and controlling the temperature and time for finishing.

25.the warp yarn goes over, or floats over, two filling yarns and under one in the 2/ 1 twill. the set may consist of a single yarn ( Weft knitting) or a single group of yarns ( warp knitting).

26.considerable Weft knitting is done on circular machines.

27.warp and Weft density of fabric is one of the index to measure the quality of fabric.

28.the device used to weave together warp and Weft threads is called a loom.

29.study of tensile behavior for Weft knitted structural composite

30.the yarns running in the lengthwise direction are called warp yarns and the yarns running crosswise are called Weft.

31.used for various types of rapier looms for stopping operation in case of broken Weft.

32.the motor of the Weft accumulator can be controlled through braking, thereby reducing failures and enhancing the production efficiency.

33.Weft knitting machines imported recent years for producing velvet fabrics classified.

34.crinoline was originally a stiff fabric with a Weft of horse-hair and a warp of cotton or linen thread.

35.production experiences of catch of high Weft density fabric;

36.influence of bamboo pulp fiber content and Weft density on its transparent of bamboo/ cotton fabric

37.applied technique of automatic measurement of warp and Weft densities in fabrics: 1.

38.the system can solve the stop mark perfectly, and makes the density of Weft more exactly, so the quality of the loomage can be improved.

39.at either side the Weft threads form a finished edge, which is called the selvage edge.