Weeping Sentence Examples | Use Weeping in a sentence

1.the Weeping willows looked fresher and greener after the rain.

2.myrtle sat huddled on the side of the bed, Weeping.

3.he gave his acceptance speech on stage nervously after he reconfirmed his win and started Weeping when he arrived backstage.

4.i am a Weeping lily in the vase.

5.she was Weeping with joy at the ceremony.

6.his mother, too, was silent, but he had seen her pray before, and her silence made him feel that she was Weeping.

7.his mind was blind with Weeping.

8.she was Weeping into her handkerchief.

9.the little girl is Weeping in choking sobs.

10.i could hear him Weeping from the bedroom.

11.in ramah there was a sound of Weeping and great sorrow, rachel Weeping for her children, and she would not be comforted for their loss.

12.the Weeping family hugged and comforted each other

13.he is unpredictable, Weeping one moment, laughing the next.

14.she arrived Weeping, dabbing her eyes with a tissue

15.and all were Weeping and mourning for her; but he said, do not weep, for she has not died but is sleeping.

16.he was shrieking obscenities and Weeping.

17.after a few more cups, he begins Weeping.

18.what ever is that child Weeping about now?

19.burying his face in his hands, he tried to control his Weeping.

20.the production received ecstatic reviews and had audiences Weeping.

21.those around her would forgive her for Weeping.

22.if you had come to me for justice those scum who ruined your daughter would be Weeping bitter tears this day.

23.her eyes were red with Weeping.

24.i once heard her Weeping in her bedroom, which cut me to the quick.

25.he was Weeping buckets

26.at present kingbibo dangyang cruise ship in the water shuttle, winding shore promenade, pavilions cuola, shore Weeping willow yiyi, swaying scene.

27.chris was Weeping in anger and grief

28.her eyes were swollen with Weeping.

29.this bloke is lying on his deathbed, surrounded by his Weeping wife and his four children.

30.there she lingered thoughtfully, Weeping at the door of the tomb. the risen lord appeared to her, but at first she knew him not.

31.it seems as if there will be an air of change Weeping through vinovo as the club are also allegedly keen on udinese stopper cristian zapata.

32.she has been Weeping since midnight without a break.

33.she was afraid to hear it all, so we ran out of a man secretly Weeping.

34.i wasn't even going to ask greene if it was a Weeping willow.

35.it was mama's pitiful Weeping that brought tears to my eyes.

36.the little girl is Weeping.

37.but, in the sound of Weeping parents to save their "precious darling" , and that voice is so distraught, even though, only to see the lips!

38.is she still Weeping away? she's been crying all day!

39.the morning breeze is swaying the Weeping willows.

40.she sat there silently for a while and then started Weeping.