weekend Sentence Examples | Use weekend in a sentence

1.it was just an ordinary weekend for us.

2.i went home at the weekend

3.this was the weekend that the war finally landed on their doorstep.

4.she had agreed to have dinner with him in town the following weekend

5.ask about special promotions and weekend deals too.

6.we plan to go to new york at the weekend.

7.he blamed fiona for a lousy weekend

8.despite the unsettled weather, we had a marvellous weekend.

9.he finally snapped when she prevented their children from visiting him one weekend

10.his picture was plastered all over the newspapers on the weekend.

11.the scandal took a new turn over the weekend.

12.they arrived at the weekend and gave three concerts in the week.

13.i also bought some casual clothes for the weekend.

14.she took the train to new york every weekend

15.karl rove, who last week announced that he is quitting as george bush's chief adviser, was all over the political talk shows last weekend.

16.that very same weekend i rented a truck, brought two friends to help me, and was out of the apartment before the sun set on sunday.

17.they were offering me a weekend break in paris — with free beer thrown in.

18.thomas came down with chickenpox at the weekend.

19.the minister has said his remarks at the weekend have been distorted.

20.he said he had something important to do this weekend.

21.i stayed the weekend with him.

22.sometimes i could be working all day, every evening, all weekend, but i wouldn't do it if i didn't enjoy it.

23.today sophie and her sister have healed the family rift and visit their family every weekend

24.at least he has been able to come over to liverpool for our home games, and he always stays for the weekend.

25.the winner will face the oakland a's in the playoffs this weekend.

26.melissa and i will have two classes each weekend. she told me that count in me, she has found three language partners. good for her.

27.it rained the whole weekend

28.talks with the teachers 'union over the weekend have averted a strike

29.the excavation team revealed over the weekend that it had found a crypt after a two-week search at an abandoned convent in florence.

30.he told me to give you a call over the weekend.

31.i'll love to hear if it helps you to get more visitors this weekend.

32.miss windham said she had spoken to them over the weekend.

33.my friends thought i was the "bee's knees" for having a "saturday dave" and a "sunday dave" both lined up in a single weekend.

34.the weather has brought such a demand for beer that one brewery will operate over the weekend

35.good morning. nice to meet you and thanks for being with us this weekend

36.observers say the events of the weekend seem to have increased support for the opposition

37.from multi-billion dollar corporate endeavors to weekend homeowner projects, were ready to help with quality equipment top-level service.