weedicide Sentence Examples | Use weedicide in a sentence

1.the tadpoles were exposed in various weedicide samples for 7 days.

2.experiments of weeding effects in inter-cropping cotton fields with different weedicide

3.weedicide selection and application technique of weed control in flax field in south china

4.the iminodiacetic acid is the important intermedia and raw materials of the sweet phosphine of herbicide weedicide, new-type amphoteric fuchsin dyestuffs of chromium chelating, cement retarder, bleach activator, platinum anticancer drug etc.

5.a study on technology of optimum composition and optimization of weedicide in wheat field

6.an experiment on effect of application of disposable chemical weedicide into non-tilling rice seedling throwing paddy weeding of cotton fields by chemicals

7.and have a look: this is artificial weedicide.

8.chloromethane is an important material to produce organic silicon ( methyl chlorosilicons), cellulose, quaternary ammonium compounds, weedicide.

9.in the experiments of undersowing soybean in the young growth of chinese fir, variety location of soybean, fertilization and weedicide tests were made; soil analysis, microclimate observation and annual increment of chinese fir trees were made, too.

10.toxic effects of weedicide wastewater before and after biodegradation with the microorganisms

11.induction of micronuclei and nuclear anomalies in erythrocytes of loach by weedicide saturn

12.the present situation of application of new-catalyse in synthesis of surfactant, weedicide, disinfestant, food additives, medicine, materials of rubber, plasticizer, perfume, growth conditioner of plant was introduced.

13.enhancing the researches of chemical control, filtrating some effective weedicide;

14.a study of micronucleus in erythrocytes of tadpole induced by weedicide

15.effect appraisement of nong - da weedicide using of reed eliminating and prevention in rice paddy

16.clean synthesis of new weedicide quinclorac derivatives

17.the trial result indicated that the weedicide kewudi achieved the best effect, the others are paraquate, nongda, nongminle, glyphosate and fucaoling respectively.

18.in this paper, the process of synthesizing new model weedicide oryzalin was studied.

19.the glyphosate is a weedicide which is efficient, low harmful and low remaider often used at hame and abroad.

20.from the weedicide filter examination, we can conclude the affection of 2.4-d are best, but the toxicity to alfalfa are large.

21.a summary of experiment on selection of weedicide for non-tilling rice seedling

22.the invention relates to a weedicide combination for preventing and curing weeds in cornfield.

23.weedicide application technology in the tea garden on mountain areas of north fujian province

24.toxic effects of weedicide 2-methyl-4-chlorophenoxyacetic acid on female mice

25.resistance of rice variety with bar gene against high effective weedicide basta

26.c. designed the comparatively practical project plan management for the construction of weedicide project line of ri tian.