Wedging Sentence Examples | Use Wedging in a sentence

1.while you may be able to get away with Wedging your breaker bar against the cradle and cranking the engine over to remove the crank pulley bolt, you know it's not the best practice.

2.he put his head against the porthole window, Wedging a pillow into the crack between the window and the seat.

3.physical weathering: thermal expansion and contracting, ice Wedging , exfoliation, salt crystallization.

4.the seismic reflection profile from yexian of henan across the qinling mountains to nanzhang of hubei shows that the crust of the qinling orogen is composed of multiple crocodile-shaped structures Wedging from south to north into the mid-crust. the work revolves and the cutting tool moves into the work, the Wedging action of the cutting edge produces a shear force.

6.cases with tumor smaller than 4 cm in diameter underwent conservative treatment followed by nephrectomy and tumor Wedging out in 3 cases each.

7.Wedging actions help affect a tight seal in low differential pressure services.

8.the plumber pushed hard on the brake pedal beside the pavement instead of Wedging into the crowd. on the jamming and Wedging for dynamic nonrigid-assembly with frictional contact

10.and the improvement of asphalt mixture dynamic stability depended on the anti-rut agent's collective function of the Wedging force, the fiber/ fiber's network restriction, cementation and absorbency oil from asphalt.

11.however, the researchers also found that a physical curvature of the spine-known as vertebral Wedging-was seen as more attractive than extra buttock mass.

12.compared with the common nut, a contact surface between metals is added by adopting the protruded wing structure, plays a role of Wedging and fastening and has more excellent theftproof performance.

13.activities so Wedging was the mechanism for mountain building in the qinling orogen.

14.the indexes of spinal degeneration ( including narrowing of intervertebral space, disc protrusion, Wedging of vertebra and osteophyma) are correlated each other in certain extent, but do not related with degree of clinical manifestation.

15.we slammed the gate after them, Wedging it shut with planks.

16.the crustal structure of the qinling orogen and Wedging mountain building

17.using the occluding and Wedging theory explains the mechanism of intensity.

18.tectonic framework and dynamic model of tarim basin: implication for Wedging orogenesis

19.these interior tensions are caused by the Wedging action within the neighboring compressively stressed layers.

20.the arrangement of the wedge rolling die was described, and the design and calculating procedure for the Wedging zone, spreading zone and finishing zone were stated.

21.tuositai anticline was folding anticline formed by multi-skill triangle structure's Wedging in the deep.

22.when two parts are at a state of rest, the surface irregularities of both parts tend to interlock and form a Wedging action.

23.on the basis of analysis of geometric and mechanics relations, this paper derives the relation between the lateral and the action/ torque, and gives a different strategy for searching hole and preventing Wedging and jamming.

24.whether this is still just around the corner stones, as long as a firm hold for each other that only belong to your own beliefs, they will each eventually Wedging into one!

25.the following conclusions are gained: 1. the main reason of changji anticline form is the Wedging of triangle zone.

26.the Wedging of churchly force and the change of local power pattern in late ching dynasty-with wenzhou as a case study

27.the results indicated that the taper post had Wedging effects on the dentin and produced higher von misses stress than that of parallel side post and the von misses stress value of the dentin was about 1.1 times.

28.the latter is the "water Wedging" action induced by entering of water into the crack. an isolation tool designed for downhole water shutoff in oilfield, the Wedging packer consists of setting part, locking part, releasing part and sealing part.

30.application of channel-Wedging by decrepitation present, borehole explosion and borehole Wedging methods are widely used in mining rock materials and cutting block raw rock in middle and small rock material quarry in china.

32.we observed the Wedging changes of vertebral bodies and intervertebral disks of 37 cases before conservative treatment with braces and before operation by radiographic evaluation.

33.axial loading of component produces Wedging effect on stem and surrounding cement, which produces hoop stresses as illustrated.

34.precancerous change of breast cancer& new Wedging point of tcm to prevent and treat breast cancer

35.driving action is obtained by Wedging the rollers between the sleeve and the cam flats.