Wedged Sentence Examples | Use Wedged in a sentence

1.the Wedged edges of the boxes flatten perspective yet create alluring depth.

2.mongolia is Wedged between russia and china, the latter a ravenous market.

3.the streets are Wedged solid with near-constant traffic gridlock.

4.quick as a flash, the young man Wedged his foot in the door and pushed it wide open. supply, support, secure, or strengthen with a cleat. he Wedged the door open.

6.her foot Wedged in the narrow crack.

7.i shut the shed door and Wedged it with a log of wood

8.she sat in a chair Wedged between table and bunk.

9.he Wedged the door open.

10.i think i got an ice skate Wedged in my back. had its bum Wedged right in there meaning it couldn't get out.

12.he's Wedged up under her ribs.

13.her aged body Wedged in a narrow space between the fence and the bottom step.

14.the boat was now Wedged between the rocks.

15.with nim and daphne Wedged tightly into the back of thurston's pinto, daphne squeezed his arm.

16.and wedge-shaped bodies used for being Wedged into soil are distributed at the bottom faces of the two brick bodies.

17.this picture shows a grain of willow pollen Wedged between flower petals.

18.i was tightly Wedged between two fat women.

19.but you Wedged the eievator door., seriously, i'm really Wedged in here.

21.he Wedged the window to prevent it from rattling.

22.the main street of hibiscus was not big. paved with flagstones it was Wedged between a dozen shops and a few scores of houses.

23.i Wedged it under the wiper arm.

24.trembling violently, a wet and frightened little poodle lay Wedged between the door and the screen.

25.emma took his offering but despair was Wedged in her throat.

26.the front right corner of the bumper Wedged in to the bike somewhere in the pedal area, between the wheels.

27.Wedged beside him, shao- shao laughed and sang, teasing his father by trying to tap the keyboard when, he wasn't looking.

28.the hotel's Wedged right between the two airports.

29.the pigeon remained where it was, Wedged in the fork of a branch.

30.images from the scene show one of the trains Wedged underneath the other, part of one of its carriages completely crushed.

31.i found that having one pillow Wedged behind my back and one between my legs was soothing and easy to move.

32.she was one of just 30, 000 "outsiders" in 2010 who visited this isolated country Wedged between china and india.

33.two fat men Wedged in a doorway.

34.the hour for dinner came and i was Wedged at the table between talking and laughing adult.

35.neal Wedged his way through a narrow window.

36.they are Wedged into a bookcase, under classical chinese texts.

37.the bone Wedged in his throat and strangled him.

38.the tensioning rail can become Wedged in!