Wedge Sentence Examples | Use Wedge in a sentence

1.the structure and working principle of an ultraviolet single photon imaging system based on the microchannel plates and the Wedge and strip anode are introduced.

2.Wedge-shoes is one of the most fashionable shoes, which has been produced since the end of 1930s and went through several fashion cycles.

3.Wedge the plug into the hole

4.sarah brown wowed onlookers with her "red slingback Wedge sandals" , hailed by the guardian as the campaign's best footwear so far.

5.the spectrum and pulse autocorrelation trace evolution with intracavity dispersion are investigated by adjusting the insertion of intracavity Wedge.

6.they are trying to drive a Wedge between us and the atabs.

7.i knew that there would be many attempts to drive a Wedge between sherman adams and me.

8.the theoretical and calculating models of field emission properties of metal cone and Wedge are established.

9.are you ready to end your Wedge and now plough turns?

10.the mechanism is simplified because the Wedge block mechanism is cancelled, improving the reliability of the device.

11.pick up the iron Wedge on the stairs in front of you.

12.Wedge the cabinet at the base to keep it from tipping.

13.the hotel's Wedged right between the two airports.

14.beckham raises his sand Wedge above his head in frustration and then marches back to his bag on the golf buggy.

15.the inner end of sampling tube is one-sided slant Wedge with the caliber of check valve;

16.i shut the shed door and Wedged it with a log of wood

17.combine ingredients in a blender with crushed ice . flash blend and pour into a hurricane glass . garnish with a lime Wedge.

18.the front right corner of her bumper Wedge into the bike somewhere in the pedal area, between the wheels.

19.she's here to drive a Wedge between me and those guys.

20.and clamp is the device of the Wedge. the beginning of the marriage, emily put a Wedge of wood under the door to keep it open on every afternoon.

22.and i feel that my attitude about that is affecting my progress, and driving a Wedge between us.

23.Wedge was able to retire once more after the defeat of the yuuzhan vong, but the interim of peace did not last.

24.applied to reduce the floor Wedge between the wall and floor, the skirting board weld with the floor to be waterproof and germ proof . we just had to Wedge it closed.

26.Wedge packing into this crack.

27.they are driving an ideological, political and cultural Wedge between russia and the west.

28.the Wedge equivalent friction interaction model is founded based on the Wedge friction mec.

29.a model of Wedge ( or v-shaped) dielectric loaded horn is introduced in this paper.

30.i think it's the thin end of the Wedge when you have armed police permanently on patrol round a city.

31.his mother senses a nearby predator. but it's not the dingo. her attention is fixed on the Wedge- tailed eagle flying above.

32.this emphasizes the Wedge shape, and also allows for enhanced rear headroom and improved aerodynamics.

33.bridging : when two or more catalyst pellets Wedge together to form a bridge in the reactor tube with a void volume underneath.

34.the influence of the design parameters on the static characteristics of spiral oil Wedge hydrodynamic bearing is investigated theoretically.

35.a Wedge or pin inserted through a slot to hold two other pieces together.

36.petite ladies can also try a silk top, skinny jeans and a Wedge heel.

37.he had a banana and a Wedge of cheese for lunch.

38.the structure and principle of two new types of cutting tools ( bevel Wedge type and eccentric type) for boring o-ring grooves have been introduced in this paper.

39.i started to feel toby was driving a Wedge between us.