Wedding Sentence Examples | Use Wedding in a sentence

1.the bridegroom has given a Wedding feast with twenty tables.

2.your Wedding ring can be engraved with a personal inscription at no extra cost

3.gentleman generation not at, hear that daughter's matrimony of her a customer a Wedding feasted.

4.they will shed a few tears at their daughter's Wedding.

5.he and helen celebrated their silver Wedding last year. Wedding dress has a very full skirt.

7.she produces elegant Wedding gowns in a variety of sumptuous fabrics.

8.and may be blair running out of her royal Wedding into chuck's arms will be the best ending to her fairytale.

9.if we ever get married we'll have one terrific Wedding

10.between the book and my website, my ex-wife's Wedding dress has been used in over 120 different ways. this dress is amazing.

11.if i concentrate hard enough, i can smell the sweetness of your Wedding bouquet as you held it so proudly for everyone to see.

12.the Wedding season is upon us was to have been a double Wedding.

14.most britons want a traditional Wedding.

15.i do hope you'll be able to come to the Wedding

16.they haven't got an invite to the Wedding.

17.our Wedding had to tie in with david leaving the army the last family Wedding, george's wife counted the total number in the family

19.she was a guest at the Wedding

20.before the Wedding, i had a heart-to-heart talk with my mother.

21.the bride's family were scheming to prevent a Wedding

22.with at least one company offering "non-legal Wedding ceremonies" in bali, the possibility of marriage "without tears" is a real one.

23."i know the cost of my Wedding is a bit higher than the average, but it is the event of a lifetime, " she said.

24.i was present at the Wedding.

25.and he sent his slaves to call those who had been called to the Wedding feast, yet they would not come.

26.a Wedding is a joyful celebration of love.

27.i would like my Wedding cake decorated with cupids.

28.all mothers share to some extent in the tension of a Wedding

29.the carpet was a Wedding present from the prime minister

30.i suffer badly from cold sores and dread them appearing on my Wedding day

31.monica is upset that she wasn't invited to her cousin's Wedding, but the rest of her family was.

32.the fruit was often served at Wedding feasts

33.that couple always holds a little celebration every year on their Wedding anniversary. must see the painting paul has given me as a Wedding present

35.she wanted hugh's Wedding to take place quickly

36.if not, try to earmark part of your budget (about 10 percent of the total) for a Wedding planner.

37.syphilis developed a few days after the Wedding.

38.we have decided to hold the Wedding ceremony in half a year time, you will definitely not to be left out!

39.susan visualized her Wedding day and saw herself walking down the aisle on her father's arm