Wedded Sentence Examples | Use Wedded in a sentence you take this woman to be your lawful Wedded wife to live together in the holy estate matrimony?

2.successful leaders are emotionally and intellectually oriented to the future& not Wedded to the past.

3.she clings to a romantic fantasy of Wedded bliss. zenawi remains Wedded to what he calls "revolutionary democracy" , which emphasises collective will over individual ambition.

5.despite great economic change across china, its business schools remain Wedded to traditional chinese methods. the design for the church, we have Wedded a traditional ground plan to modern structural methods. you take this woman to be your lawfully Wedded wife? reason this may be the case is that we humans become Wedded to our areas of focus.

9.who would've thought she was already secretly Wedded at the time!

10.and the ghost lamented to his son that his mother should so fall off from virtue, as to prove false to the Wedded love of her first husband.

11.and evil was the hour when she saw, and loved, and Wedded the painter.

12.the younger Wedded the man of her dreams, but she died.

13.he was Wedded already to his books and his parish.

14.have this woman to be thy Wedded wife. be my lawfully Wedded wife.

16.however, many people find this difficult because they are Wedded to the idea of delivering their very best. this day, japan is still Wedded to its old ways, despite 20 years of evidence they no longer work. is odd that an industry that would not be seen dead in last season's colour is Wedded to the last century's technology.

19.soon it was the eve of the wedding day. her newly- Wedded joy was mixed with a touch of melancholy.

20.only prof sargent's econometricians were Wedded to a single model and could, as usual, explain the crisis only after it had occurred.

21.she wrote a note to the newlyweds wishing them great felicity in their Wedded life.

22.will lucky sevens result in Wedded bliss for the lucky in love? with a seed, the potency of an earthly location is Wedded to the memory of its origin.

24.conservationists are mostly Wedded to preserving diversity in nature. this book style and content are perfectly Wedded.

26.the firm's two founders and much of its engineering staff were too emotionally Wedded to its past successes to make a break.

27.history, geography and natural resources have Wedded mexico to its wealthy neighbour: "it's not something we chose," he says.

28.fred has been Wedded to his wife for nearly thirty-five years.

29.he has been Wedded to translation.

30.america and europe are Wedded forever in a church that does not allow divorce.

31.not only was india Wedded to soviet-style economic management but television had barely arrived.

32.i, ross, take thee rachel to be my Wedded wife.

33.china faces the possibility of a second downturn with its fate still Wedded to that of the west.

34.and, as if Wedded bliss were not its own reward, authorities will offer cash or gifts to couples who tie the knot.

35.this is a battle between fundamentalists jointly Wedded to pre-enlightenment intolerance and united in their social conservatism.

36.they will outperform those Wedded to market share, ebitda growth, or eps management. marriage was possible between them; not even that of souls; and yet, it is certain that their destinies were Wedded.

38.take this to be your lawfully Wedded wife.

39.she won't be shifted ― she's Wedded to her prejudices.

40.he proposed she become his lawfully Wedded wife