Wed Sentence Examples | Use Wed in a sentence

1.if you did Wed my sister for her wealth.

2.his cousin was about to Wed. promised me to Wed.

4.Wed imagine its all a joke, right?

5.outsiders who Wed islanders are given only three years 'right of abode at first.

6.he thought me too poor to Wed his sister.

7.he has a daughter, who was about to marry the man she loved, but whose family now will not allow him to Wed the daughter of a ruined man;

8.with this ring as a token of my love and affection, i thee Wed.

9.Wed like to invite four of you to our village.

10.with this ring i do thee Wed.

11.and tonight i Wed another dear john.

12.devi's husband, aged 72, had also Wed his wife's elder sister after 10 years of marriage to his first wife did not result in children.

13.she once promises me, at a time found out the blue heart soul of you solves to conclude a disease for her, would Wed me.

14.the reluctance to marry seems to have unleashed spiteful hostility, an attitude that makes the decision not to Wed a tough one.

15.why did you Wed your daughter to that terrible man?

16.a year later they got Wed.

17.Wed like to hear what you say concerning the matter of packing. the novel, a pilot, newly Wed, loses control of his aircraft, while his wife in the control tower waits feverishly for a sign of life.

19.but first, Wed like to introduce you to trumpet player gabriel johnson.

20.but tonight i Wed your brother, dear john.'ve found love and you are Wed.

22.she was struck by his respect for her children and his dedication to his job as a community worker. a few months later, they Wed. father wrote that he would find some southron lord to Wed me, but he never did.

24.except, of course, a glass of champagne at a Wed ding or a hot toddy when confined to bed with a hard cold.

25.deciding to Wed a commoner, she gave up her royal title and became lady patricia ramsay.

26.'i've got an old silver spoon, and an old seal too at home, 'said the man, wondering. 'so where do Wed "urbervilles live now, parson? '"

27.the maasai girls are raised with the only thought of becoming a good wife to her future husband, most likely to be Wed at age twelve.

28.they were Wed at amiens last august

29.she received the blessing of her parents to Wed oliver.

30.there was a friendly but naive king, who Wed a very nasty queen.

31.charles darwin Wed his cousin emma and spawned 10 children, including four brilliant scientists.

32.dionysus and ariadne were Wed.

33.that's prime marriage time, but i hope brides will not choose that time to Wed. tell me darling, do you wish Wed fall in love?

35.i am not magic, just unlucky to met he on the Wed night. made that promise when we Wed.

37.we were both nineteen when we Wed.

38.but the cousins in ramallah offered another reason: he was soon to be Wed and did not want to leave his spouse.

39.the couple Wed late at night in front of just nine guests