Webster Sentence Examples | Use Webster in a sentence

1.that's Webster's definition offorgiveness.

2.but often these rules don't bear up under scrutiny; merriam-Webster tends to cite great writers who break this or that "rule" .

3."Webster, " he said, staring at her strangely, as if not sure what to make of someone who didn't know the name of her own landlord.

4.as a positive result of the shortened week, Webster found that students had better attendance and greater performance in school.

5.nowadays, Webster's, oxford, and longman are the most popular dictionaries on the market.

6.i sit down at a little table near the door. mr Webster gives me some bread and some meat and i begin to eat hungrily.

7.Webster's dictionary defines finance as "the science of managing money. " because we all manage money, at least our own.

8.the books Webster had to use in his teaching came from england.

9.Webster had underrated the amount of social intercourse between england and her former colony.

10.Webster is retiring as head of the central intelligence agency ( cia).

11.the sweat stood upon daniel Webster's brow, but his voice was clear.

12.mr Webster smiles.'everyone is well. i was there yesterday. '

13.Webster 's.few people went to the bar last year, but things are quite different now.

14.Webster published his first dictionary in1806.it was called the compendious dictionary of the english language.

15.wardrobes: a wardrobe is a piece of furniture or room in which clothing is usually kept (Webster's 1990).

16.this is the eight o'clock news, and i'm susan Webster.

17.in 1828 noah Webster published the first american dictionary.

18.professor brian walker and dr scott Webster from the university of edinburgh are leading the drug development programme.

19.but american scientist robert Webster believes ducks are a big part of the problem.

20.the spelling book gave Webster the idea for a dictionary of american word usage.

21.former fbi director william Webster will head it.

22.Webster wanted this book to help set rules of american spelling. it contained only about a thousand words.

23.Webster's view was that the new country deserved its own approach to english, more accessible than the version it had inherited.

24.even before Webster had started to compile his dictionary, words and expressions from the america had already infiltrated the british language, for example "canoe" and "hatchet".

25.Webster would not comment on whether the two were still engaged or even a couple.

26.very soon he came back, holding the Webster's collegiate dictionary in his hand.

27.three great cooks from three great countries, i'm susan Webster.

28.Webster's new world dictionary defines the work@ junk@ as something that is useless or worthless.

29.at that time two big changes in english spelling happened: first samuel johnson wrote his dictionary and later noah Webster wrote the american dictionary of the english language.

30.Webster points out that the higher the degree of resolution required, so that time of transmission is increased.

31.the used vehicle "drives like a mercedes, it's got the safety of a mercedes and, of course, the cachet of a mercedes" , mr Webster says.

32.'thank you,'mr Webster says.

33.Webster has not played since suffering a hamstring injury in the opening game.

34.you have heard of Webster toys.

35.i close my eyes for a minute. ' mr Webster, it' s not true. i'm not a witch, you know. '

36.daniel Webster twisted and turned and thumped his fist on the table.

37.Webster said the two sides were joined together socially, economically, culturally, and in many other ways. there was no way to divide them.

38.susan: i'm susan Webster. it's nice to meet you, carol.

39.mr Webster gives me bread, and i go back into the prison. i can never go back to read hall; i know that now. i must stay here in lancaster castle, with my dead family.

40.Webster: do you remember that huge earthquake disaster last year?