Webby Sentence Examples | Use Webby in a sentence

1.the Webby awards were established in1996.

2.notebooks - yes, very un- Webby - but effective.

3.w. w. Webby thought deeply for a moment. "to walk in someone else's shoes, is to really understand them, " he said wisely.

4.the railroad yards below me, the tracks black, Webby, not ordered by the engineer but cataclysmic in design, like those gaunt fissures in the polar ice which the camera registers in degrees of black.

5.presented by the international academy of digital arts and sciences, the Webby's recognized websites, interactive advertising and media, online film and video, and mobile and apps.

6.the Webby nonlinear causality of peers influencing peers.

7.this article introduces a new printing machine that is triumphantly applied in tinplate series imitating stainless steel thermos shelly and designed by consulting the working principle of Webby printing machine.

8.in Webby tradition, each winner was given just five words for their acceptance speech.

9.here is the Webby's list of the10 most influential internet moments of the decade

10.the 14th annual Webby awards are to be announced in april 2010.

11.actor daniel radcliffe presented vogue editor and chief, anna wintour, with the Webby for best fashion website.

12.in 1999, the personalized "my yahoo" homepage won a technical achievement prize at the Webby awards in san francisco.

13.sounded the water, as a pair of Webby feet disappeared.

14.of Webby glass apply more reflected this kind of balance.

15.vincent and the Webby in the last year and in2004 had warned that the threat of swine flu.

16.design and application of Webby evaporator in converter

17.in 1999, the personalised my yahoo homepage won a technical achievement prize at the Webby awards in san francisco.

18.grumpy cat, the 2013 Webby award winner for meme of the year, has landed herself a movie deal.

19.computer parts sales on the Webby the front desk the choose and buy, composed of two background management.

20."don't be surprised if i disappear for a few days. " w. w. Webby advised. "i'll be back. "