Webbing Sentence Examples | Use Webbing in a sentence

1.it trembles as birch limbs Webbing the air.

2.helping it stay true to its name, the vampire squid comes complete with its own cape, made from arms connected by black Webbing.

3.most tests require collecting cells by Webbing saliva in the mouth and sending it to the company for testing .

4.the other option we are considering is to have large strips of the grosgrain sewn onto the Webbing for us only and i will still make the collars.

5.reflective fabric, reflective tape, refletive Webbing, reflective heat-transfer film, safety vest.

6.constructed of mil-spec Webbing and stainless steel hardware, the quick strop provides a quick, safe means of hoisting uninjured personnel.

7.it uses Webbing woven from liquid polyester capable of withstanding forces in excess of2 tonnes.

8.according to the integrated mechanism, the Webbing consists of the interdisciplinary Webbing and the transdisciplinary Webbing.

9.elastic Webbing: mainly used for clothing, footwear and other textile.

10.by the secretary for the development of my design products can be divided into two series of Webbing and gifts.

11.longwei now pp Webbing, sp ribbon, cloth rope and many other types of ribbon, in addition to in addition, rope, yarn, nylon zipper top products.

12.undo strands that have been woven together. testing method for breaking strength and elongation of Webbing, tape and braided

13.moth whose larvae feed on and mat together with Webbing various stored foods.

14.experimental study on cracking and fracture properties of high strength and wearable concrete; testing method for breaking strength and elongation of Webbing, tape and braided

15.high tenacity elastic Webbing: mainly used for sofa, beach bed, beach chair and sports.

16.spider-man takes out bad guys by blasting balls of Webbing from his wrists. real spiders 'Webbing comes from their abdomens.

17.emulation analyses of copy really to both Webbing restrain carrier modem by using matlab

18.pz300 series of weaving warping machine is mainly used for adjusting axes workmanship of Webbing.

19.this test covers the strength of the retention system ( Webbing), as well as its effectiveness, i.e.the Webbings ability to keep the helmet securely positioned on the head.

20.over the greatness of such space steps must be gentle it is all hung by an invisible white hair it trembles as birch limbs Webbing the air.

21.material type specified on label as polyamide application of naked flame to Webbing and thread resulted in melting consistent with synthetic material.

22.sometimes, instead of using its mouth, a bat will scoop up a flying bug with its wings or with the "basket" formed by the Webbing between its feet.

23.compared to the interdisciplinary Webbing, the transdisciplinary Webbing can integrate the curriculum contents more naturally and have better total effects.

24.Webbing between the toes is of soft skin, well covered with hair, and reaches the toe tips.

25.polyester Webbing: mainly used for decoration and binding.

26.the gaiters have seven velcro tabs which are used to secure the bottom edge of the gaiters to the shoe via the Webbing on the outside.

27.the gaiters were very easy to attach to the shoes - slip the tabs through the Webbing and secure.

28.a piece of lightweight Webbing runs around the outside of the desert upper, just above the mid sole.

29.main materials: polycarbonate and polypropylene panels, biofoam pads, nylon Webbing.

30.propylene ( pp) Webbing: mainly used for case, clothing and bundle, etc.

31.hipbelt can be swapped out with included lightweight Webbing belt.

32.conference lanyards are often made of nice sturdy woven Webbing.

33.a balance sport, slacklining utilizes nylon Webbing stretched tight between two anchor points.

34.most tests require collecting cells by Webbing saliva in the mouth and sending it to the company for testing.

35.the sinews bulged out of his neck like Webbing, and, as he inhaled, the air burned through his chest and lungs.

36.textile slings - safety - flat woven Webbing slings , made of man - made fibres , for general purpose use.

37.Webbing onto nearby buildings and using himself, at the head of the train, to slow it and stop it.

38.only seatbelt Webbing should be in contact with the frame of the child seat.

39.the line's tension can be adjusted to suit the performer and different types of dynamic Webbing can be used to achieve a variety of feats.