Weary Sentence Examples | Use Weary in a sentence

1.his face is Weary beyond description

2.travelling by day and resting by night, he came to the province of shaanxi, travel-worn and Weary.

3.a nation Weary of wasting billions on unctuous educators who never deliver what they promise may be ready to hear some hard truths.

4.once more imogen set out on her Weary pilgrimage.

5.and joseph said unto him: i was Weary with the journey, and i rested the first day.

6.mrs. jennings was so far from being Weary of her guests that she pressed them very earnestly to return with her again from cleveland.

7.she walked deliberately through the door and up to the gentleman, who looked at her Weary face with partially awakened interest.

8.i was tired, jorah. i was Weary of war.

9.he managed a Weary smile.

10.i am an old man, grown Weary of this world and its treacheries.

11.he judged her to be capricious, and easily Weary of the pleasure of the moment.

12.the life in this lonely world, i was Weary of drifted.

13.after walking two hours we grew Weary.

14.the stirring up of these lugubrious ideas did not cause his courage to fail, but his brain grow Weary.

15.he looked Weary and bedraggled.

16.he added that he felt Weary.

17.there was an air about her which showed plainer than any words that she was both Weary and disappointed.

18.rachel looked pale and Weary.

19.i was Weary with talking.

20.with a Weary sigh he sat on the chair.

21.my mind Weary with metaphysics.

22.they're getting awfully Weary of this silly war

23.we are as hosts at home awaiting the arrival of our Weary visitors. this will give us victory in every battle.

24.at last, cold, hungry and Weary, we reached our pier.

25.willie's really Weary. how much dew would a dewdrop drop if a dewdrop could drop dew ?

26.president bush is trying to make amends with palestinians who are Weary of his stance on peace in the middle east.

27.the Weary walkers soothed their aching feet in the sea.

28.and alas! i am Weary, Weary o.

29.baffled and Weary i come back.

30.police, Weary and increasingly sour in mood, wonder aloud why the situation has been allowed to deteriorate.

31.i Weary with walking and need a rest.

32.you'll grow ragged and Weary and swarthy.

33.and the fourth slave said, "it is all very well to talk about her, but it does not make me less Weary of standing and fanning. "

34.she was so Weary that she fell.

35.i Weary for that land divine.

36.she was Weary of being alone.