Weaponry Sentence Examples | Use Weaponry in a sentence

1.i just concentrated on what i can do on just a skill level with my Weaponry, my sword work, and my gymnastics.

2.relying on the city's shield and superior Weaponry.

3.this crab has lost his Weaponry and is about to lose even more.

4.yet the americans wield influence over a regime that depends on them for $1. 5 billion a year of aid and almost all its modern Weaponry.

5.on the basis of its existing Weaponry, china carries forward and develops its fine traditions.

6."the company" was assessing our abilities in the areas of Weaponry and chemistry.

7.p. v. naik, head of the indian air force, said the region's infrastructure was being overhauled to support modern Weaponry.

8.a more practical way is to upgrade existing planes and develop more space based Weaponry to counter american aggression.

9.these included some sophisticated Weaponry, including harpoon anti-ship missiles and black hawk helicopters.

10.use of nuclear Weaponry as a primary weapon in wartime.

11.it seems to all be there: the phallic tank Weaponry, the death-bringing explosions, impassive soldiers dealing out destruction.

12.the transfer of Weaponry to somali maritime security forces would require separate authorization from the security council.

13.for commanding officers automatically recruit soldiers, volunteers from your center should also be armed by your Weaponry.

14.taiwan has announced it will slash its troop numbers and purchase more advanced Weaponry.

15.however, the west should not furnish ukraine with heavy Weaponry with an overtly offensive purpose.

16.Weaponry and equipment management capability has been notably enhanced.

17.us officials have told journalists in baghdad that they believe iran is supplying sophisticated Weaponry to the militias.

18.it is true that modern Weaponry depersonalised war.

19.eight nato states, including the us, uk, poland and germany, are participating and have sent Weaponry ranging from advanced anti-aircraft systems to a10 warthog ground-attack planes and abrams battle tanks.

20.we will aggressively seek to control the Weaponry of war.

21.demolish enemy buildings, use Weaponry aboard a helicopter, and snipe enemy targets in this intense military campaign!

22.thanks to their militaristic education, knights can wield massive armor and use heavy Weaponry.

23.the idf emphasizes that turkey has no connection to this incident regarding the Weaponry uncovered on-board.

24.( of power and warfare and Weaponry) not nuclear.

25.for example we constantly monitor sites where Weaponry is ready to be used.

26.but it turns out the rebels have the kind of Weaponry usually possessed by advanced militaries: their very own drone.

27.to supply or equip oneself with Weaponry.

28.experts told the senate foreign relations committee that this is part of the reason why biological Weaponry is so dangerous.

29.cannons have half standard penalties for heavy starship Weaponry when used against small targets.

30.the basic capabilities of Weaponry and equipment research and production have been enhanced.

31.navy tracks a north korean vessel which may be carrying missile parts or other Weaponry.

32.attacking them from a distance is usually the best way to deal with them due to their lack of effective long-range Weaponry.

33.here the army has its ranges where rapier missiles and other Weaponry are tested

34.our scientists had unleashed the atom, ushering in a revolution in Weaponry that set our age apart from all that had gone before.

35.her range of Weaponry could easily decimate any convoy she encountered.

36.the Weaponry and equipment management system and mechanism have further improved.

37.other friends said he had kept dozens of air guns in his bedroom and had taken after his father in his love of guns and Weaponry.

38.the Weaponry and armament should be comparable in advantage of different areas.

39.they have no Weaponry to speak of