Water Sentence Examples | Use Water in a sentence

1.i dream of a complete Water, gas up to the heart suddenly : how do you say that you and i have paid you a gold rings or i get to you?

2.i was just hit by a wall of Water.

3.oil and Water don't mix

4.the Water squirted all over me.

5.a backpack filled with food, Water and equipment needed for a week will weigh about twenty or twenty-five kilograms.

6.city economists pour cold Water on the idea that the economic recovery has begun.

7.in his blog, dr wadge said Water and exercise were enough to help the body rid itself of harmful chemicals.

8.the company has already been in hot Water over high prices this year.

9.alley alley, is the last waltz, night fencing, cold Water down in wine, window, this night, for you, drunk drunk.

10.the pump doesn't work and we have no running Water

11.we are running low on drinking Water

12.this argument simply cannot hold Water in europe.

13.the british government may be in stormy economic Waters.

14.the ship will remain outside chinese territorial Waters.

15.trees and bushes grew down to the Water's edge.

16.a Water main burst and the street was flooded.

17.as the sea fox rises from the Water, the diamond shark leaps out of the waves behind it and arrows down in a deadly arc.

18.he went out to Water the plants.

19.you certainly seem to be in deep Water

20.i could tell that we were getting off the subject and into deep Water.

21.the Water is boiling.

22.the Water is evaporated by the sun.

23.maybe to some layman, as we always joked, we even do not know whether the liquid in eppendorf tube is merely Water or not.

24.just add Water, milk and butter

25.he was relieved his time in jail was over and regarded it as Water under the bridge.

26.the system wastes a large amount of Water.

27.the Water had soaked his jacket and shirt

28.how much Water is needed to take up a pound of salt?

29.my Waters broke at six in the morning and within four hours jamie was born.

30.you thought that now have how much person at is a small bottle Water but try very hard to.

31.hardware stores have sold out of Water pumps and tarpaulins

32.okay, what else goes in here? -and then we need to put in uhm, just some Water, to make it a paste. -that's it?

33.you should be cautious when getting involved and test the Water before committing yourself.

34.a leakage of kerosene has polluted Water supplies

35.this substance has an affinity for Water.

36.get me a glass of Water.

37.his eyes Watered from cigarette smoke.

38.i ran some hot Water and washed up

39.the men who licked the Water with their tongues would have to leave and the men who cupped their Water would stay for the battle.

40.a large quantity of Water is stored in the reservoir.