walkout Sentence Examples | Use walkout in a sentence

1.athletes at the games are threatening to stage a mass walkout.

2.the walkout was a clear violation of the court's mandate against a strike.

3.factory workers staged a walkout to protest for proper working conditio.

4.the walkout followed a strike that began monday at a nearby parts factory in foshan that produces exhaust systems.

5.it will likely be some time before normalcy is restored to classrooms after the tabasco-tempered 11-day walkout ( christian science monitor)

6.but they insisted that the rank-and-file workers were solidly in favor of walkout& a claim impossible to verify.

7.the improvement of the theory of walkout in p-n junctions including charge trapping saturation

8.and democratic legislators lack the numbers in the statehouse to delay action with a walkout.

9.based on the analysis of the physical mechanism of the walkout time constant τ, the theory of the walkout in p-n junction, including charge trapping saturation is improved. a good agreement between the theory and experiments is achieved.

10.the length of the walkout may hinge on two crucial questions: how long can the union afford to stay out? and how long can general motors endure a strike?

11.the un climate summit hit major turbulence monday when developing nations staged a five-hour walkout and china accused the west of trickery.

12.phil thompson wants the liverpool players to issue tom hicks and george gillett with an ultimatum to provide more funds or face a walkout .

13.in the tense days following the walkout it was the studios, not the ex-sportscaster, who first blinked.

14.analysts say a walkout may have limited success in the short-term, because a skeleton staff may be engaged at production facilities to limit the impact on output.

15.the commission's proceedings have been wrecked by tantrums and walkouts.

16.senior union workers staged a walkout this afternoon at the annual conference over the proposed changes in funding.

17.in a speech to french mayors, the president urged strikers to reconsider continuing their walkout that has cost the country so dearly.

18.there's been an unofficial walkout at the car factory.

19.the mass walkout by thousands of public sector workers on thursday of next week will strike a huge blow against gordon brown's pay limits.

20.honda has said the two workers were let go for violating the plant's in-house work and contract rules but not for leading the walkout.

21.but star tenor roberto alagna's dramatic walkout during a performance at milan's la scala opera house in response to boos in the crowd may be a tantrum too far, critics warn.

22.despite the odd conspicuous walkout, industrial relations have been serene for nearly two decades (see chart).

23.some 300 contractors at the nearby heysham nuclear power station in lancashire also staged a walkout.

24.the perils were illustrated by the walkout by african nations at the last round of negotiations in november, in protest at the lack of finance offered.

25.i think bertleman found out about the walkout.

26.the walkout wednesday left the session without a majority, forcing it to be adjourned.

27.union president peter esele denied reports the walkout is to begin wednesday.

28.some were under instruction to walkout.