Walking Sentence Examples | Use Walking in a sentence

1.the little boy imitates his father's way of Walking.

2.as she was no horsewoman, Walking was her only alternative.

3.i have seen him Walking down to the shops a mile or so away

4.the knee's coming on fine, i'm Walking comfortably already.

5.we've arranged a Walking tour of the city with your guide.

6.susan visualized her wedding day and saw herself Walking down the aisle on her father's arm

7.there were always things to think about when she went Walking.

8.mohammed elhassan, Walking home from his local mosque in the nile city of wadi halfa, took out his mobile phone and snapped a few photos.

9.i stayed with my uncle whose house was opposite where my grandfather lived, and Walking home with him one day we met the doctor.

10.he was Walking along the street

11.i was Walking out to my car when this guy tried to mug me

12.they found her Walking alone and depressed on the beach

13.social activities might include barbecues on the beach and Walking tours of the old town.

14.he was Walking down the street when he spied an old friend.

15.i've been Walking around moscow and the town is terribly quiet

16.i've spent a lot of time Walking around britain from the far north of scotland down to cornwall

17.two men and a woman were Walking briskly down the sidewalk toward him.

18.recently i've started to do a lot of Walking and cycling.

19.he kept Walking and passed by me on his side of the street.

20.he was tapping his Walking stick against his leg.

21.he was a Walking encyclopaedia

22.as soon as i know i'm in the team it's like i'm Walking on air.

23.the performers, in costume and make-up, were Walking up and down backstage

24.i saw louise Walking slowly to the bus stop

25.as i stepped up to the mirror , i saw myself , Walking forward shakily , my face white and covered with blood .

26.he is already Walking normally and doing remedial exercises.

27.if you ever get any ailments there's no problem as he is like a Walking chemist's shop.

28.wouldn't you know it, i wound up less than an hour later Walking through a shopping mall with a colleague, looking for a place to dine.

29.jesus left the temple and was Walking away when his disciples came up to him to call his attention to its buildings.

30.equip yourself with stout Walking boots and sticks.

31.due to rapid development, the bosses to think more in the long run, only to see while Walking road.

32.i met him by chance out Walking yesterday

33.i turned back after a while, but he kept Walking

34.she poked and shifted things with the tip of her Walking stick

35.that man seemed to be worried, i only took a glance at him, and kept on Walking towards the crowd.

36.simply knowing it's there can reduce stress, since you know you're not Walking a fine line2 between comfort and catastrophe.

37.he didn't used to like anyone Walking on the lawns in the back garden.

38.they stopped Walking and he almost bumped into them

39.and because Walking was one of the first things i lost, i spent most of that year thinking about this most elemental of human acts.