Walker Sentence Examples | Use Walker in a sentence

1.fulton mayor paul Walker told the bbc news website by telephone that the "community had had its nose rubbed in it a bit" .

2.that's when he meets kate Walker, a survey taker at heathrow airport who persuades harvey to stay in london for the reception.

3.i made an agreement with Walker last night.

4.davis is a keen Walker and cyclist.

5.from the studio's roster of leading men, robert Walker was an obvious choice to play the part.

6.the puppets are expertly manipulated by liz Walker

7.for siddalee Walker, the need to understand has passed, at least for the moment.

8.mr bryant's relationship with miss Walker has been detailed in the press.

9.the winners are as follows: e. Walker; r. foster; r. gates; a. mackintosh

10.he is a quick Walker.

11.he is a brisk Walker.

12.timm Walker, the drummer and backing of this band looked at me with his sad eyes.

13.she eventually used a cane, then a Walker, and finally was confined to the house.

14.jeff: i have it on an old album by scott Walker.

15.professor brian Walker and dr scott webster from the university of edinburgh are leading the drug development programme.

16.harold Walker and i worked harmoniously together.

17.he and Walker patched the barn roof

18.she should have squared things with jay before she went into this business with Walker.

19.it's as if mr. Walker were flaunting the political nature of his actions.

20.the minnesota vikings signed herschel Walker from the dallas cowboys

21.Walker fished the official documents out of the internet after executing a precision search known as a google hack.

22.i'm a street Walker.

23.Walker's manager fired her.

24.i'll make the rope Walker a little smaller-- you'll see shortly why i make it a little smaller.

25.smurfit kappa recycling has appointed deborah porter-Walker to be the company's commercial manager for the east midlands region.

26.if you're approaching another runner, Walker, or cyclist, and need to pass him, let him know on which side you're trying to pass.

27.his name's travis Walker.

28.Walker's shot hit the upright.

29.a Walker fell 80ft from a rocky pinnacle.

30.the tightrope Walker kept her balance by holding an open umbrella.

31.before the surgery, i used a Walker.

32.Walker had the unenviable task of breaking the bad news to hill

33.that's a photo of travis alfred Walker.

34.i know about you, Walker. how's your wife?

35.an indian named james night-Walker could become a mere james knight Walker.

36.you see him there working with the Walker.

37.now he can enter a Walker?

38.in closing, i would like to take a moment to thank one of my investors: longtime tedster, jay Walker. and i'd like to thank you all.

39.spain ran england ragged early on but goalkeeper ian Walker proved a formidable barrier.