Walk Sentence Examples | Use Walk in a sentence

1.she Walked me to my car

2.by the time he got to the gate, he was usually feeling a bit better, and he could Walk home without the feeling.

3.he turned with a little nod and i watched him Walk away.

4.sarkozy even pledged to Walk out of the summit if it failed to produce serious regulatory commitments.

5.'what a nice gentleman you are, to Walk hilary home,' her mother said.

6.i Walk my dog each evening around my local streets.

7.they would stop the car and Walk a few steps

8.please stretch out your powerful hands to lend me a hand, just like when you were a baby learning to Walk i held both your hands.

9.we took a long Walk through the pines.

10."if you become a tightrope Walker and Walk across the air, " said the bunny, " i will become a little boy and run into a house"

11.i've been out for a Walk.

12.i went for a long Walk.

13.it was only a three-mile Walk to kabul from there

14.today andy wobbles down the main street of malong, searching to remember how to Walk. a few paces behind, ed Walks ready to catch him.

15.he took a Walk with her under the moon.

16.you will probably see at least a few of these from us movies or television shows if you Walk around la.

17.there is a 2 mile coastal Walk from craster to newton.

18.and i will put my spirit in the midst of you: and i will cause you to Walk in my commandments, and to keep my judgments, and do them.

19.so, you know, when i'm playing well on clay, it's a fine line that i kind of have to Walk between those two.

20.rosanna and forbes Walked in silence for some while

21.will you let me Walk under your umbrella?

22.if you get a newspaper delivered to your door, think about whether you could Walk to the shops in the morning and pick it up instead.

23.the church is a short Walk from piazza dante.

24.i Walk to a street corner and wait for the school bus

25.he learned to Walk safely up and down stairs

26.george, despite his great height and gangling Walk, was a keen dancer.

27.he often took long Walks in the hills.

28.she turned and Walked away

29.we could all row a boat and swim almost before we could Walk

30.we Walked into the foyer

31.i was slow to Walk and talk and my parents thought i was backward.

32.she slowed to a steady Walk.

33.i can Walk without the aid of crutches

34.did i make it that easy to Walk right in and out of my life?

35.i went out and had a Walk around

36.i managed to Walk around unchallenged for 10 minutes before an alert nurse spotted me.

37.mum and he were able to Walk part of the way together

38.by day a woman could safely Walk the streets, but at night the pavements became dangerous