Waling Sentence Examples | Use Waling in a sentence

1.the gait recognition is an emerging biometric identification technology, which tends to be realized by the walking posture, i.e. it can realize automatic personal identification by finding and extracting different feature between individuals from the same Waling action.

2.at that moment a traveller was Waling along the road.

3.not only can Waling fish live out of water, but they can also travel short distances over land.

4.i saw you Waling in the rain

5.compared with motion capture method, our method is simpler and cheaper. it also promotes the reusability of the Waling model.

6.you can even plug in your zip code to find a Waling buddy and beginner-friendly local route maps.

7.the cheek of them, Waling into the ward like that!

8.the cat is Waling from behind the tree.

9.behaviour analysis of Waling tractor-trailer transporting combine

10.tourism of Waling mountain was on the stage of developing at full speed;

11.when i was Waling on the street, someone called me behind my back.

12.low hedges round lawns discourage people form Waling on the grass

13.assessment of effects of walking aid appliances and orthosis on Waling training