Wale Sentence Examples | Use Wale in a sentence

1.she purposely abstained from mentioning mrs. Wale's more special insinuation.

2."but anything is possible, " mr Wale said, noting that he has consistently underestimated the strength in the market.

3.develop fabric knitted with miss-and-tuck course like hand-knitted Wale the weft knitted spaced fabric is a kind of knitwear with a certain thickness. it can be used as a base structure for the fiber reinforced composite material.

4.the skid resistance that the surface contains Wale and wearability are pretty good.

5.interaction analysis on Wale and retaining piles in deep foundation pit

6.through the finite element analysis and calculation, the stress and strain distribution, stress-strain curves and elastic modulus were obtained as the fea model was tensioned along the course and Wale direction of the fabric.

7.that is not news. but something else Wale said was very telling. the technology in the volt can be used in other vehicles, he said.

8.in the fourth chapter not only for soybean fabric but also cotton fabric one linear relation was found to exist between height of Wale and course space during study on fabric stretching property.

9.it is found that the conductive fabric circuit network is an integrated series and parallel complex network; it is a multiple circuit parallel to the Wale direction whereas it is series along the course direction.

10.the venture aims to sell between 80,000 and 90,000 vehicles this year and 100,000 next year, mr Wale said.

11.but anything is possible, mr Wale said, noting that he has consistently underestimated the strength in the market.

12.gm china president kevin Wale is expecting another good year.

13.just as in the rest of the world, they are tech-savvy, interested in urban renewal and the environment, said Wale.

14.he was slapping his tambourine against his maroon wide-Wale corduroys , a flap of shaggy brown hair lapping at his face, his eyes closed.

15.both have gotten off to a good start, kevin Wale , president and managing director of gm china group, said in a statement.

16.mr. Wale, the president of g. m. china, admittedly has very different concerns from his counterparts in detroit.

17.pearl spent a wonderful time with wise pelican and she couldn't wait to share the story of sydney harbour bridge to her friend wondering Wale.

18.cardiff, Wale-poets, singers and musicians from across the globe gathered Wales to celebrate the tradition of the storytelling.

19.kevin Wale, head of gm china, said he expected sales this year to "remain steady" .

20.Wale said gm expects the business to grow to shipments of 'tens of thousands' of vehicles a year over time.

21.china could be the country that leads the world in switching to electric vehicles, said mr Wale of gm, which plans to sell its volt hybrid electric car in china.