Wald Sentence Examples | Use Wald in a sentence

1.since Wald ( 1947) proposed method of sequential probability ratio test ( sprt), sprt has become an important tool for solving hypothesis test problems.

2.for i'm weary wi'hunting, and fain Wald lie down.

3.Wald detection of arm in non-gaussian clutter

4.for i'm weary wi' hunting, and fain Wald lie down.

5.finally, granger causality test and the Wald test to analyze the benefits and risks of overflow overflow.

6.research on Wald statistics for unit root test

7.Wald test of relative risk in paired design

8.connie Wald (friend): it wasn't something she enjoyed doing. she wanted to, though.

9.german hero who led the defeat of three legions of romans in the teutoburger Wald( a. d. 9), thereby liberating the germans from roman rule.

10.matthew l. Wald contributed reporting from washington.

11.Wald's new black bison kit sets out to change all this by including a full body kit, new wheels, and plenty of carbon-fiber accessories.

12.german hero who led the defeat of three legions of romans in the teutoburger Wald ( a.d.9), thereby liberating the germans from roman rule.

13.patricia m. Wald, looking forward to the next millennium: social previews to legal change

14.tourists ski through the thueringer Wald in the eastern german ski resort of oberhof january 6, 2011.

15.we use leading methods in the world& Wald test and likelihood ratio test. the results show that capm isn't applicable in china's stock market.

16.local π-bayes optimal decision rule in Wald sense

17.where, asked Wald, were the planes that had been hit in other areas?

18.new photos reveal the car in more detail than ever before, highlighting Wald's precision work.

19."[the producer] has crafted backgrounds which perfectly showcase [the singer's] vocals and driving rhythm guitar" (elijah Wald).

20.Wald explained that this would be a mistake.

21.most of the financial market data are not iid-normal. however, the Wald test and f test for capm are based on this assumption.