Wakening Sentence Examples | Use Wakening in a sentence

1.when he came back home from his night shift, jason tried to avoid Wakening his family.

2.life and Wakening human society& a comparative study on lu xun's medicine and swift's a modest proposal

3.he was fearful of Wakening his father.

4.from engineering point of view, the author analyzed chinese cuisine into 4 representative processes, shaping, heat transfer, mass transfer, process adjustment ( include process intensification and process Wakening) and discussed the relationships of cuisine and transport phenomena/ unit operations.

5.she closed the door very quietly, as she was afraid of Wakening her husband.

6.her growing pains at night , calling , Wakening me.

7.conclusions the comprehensive nursing intervention plays a remarkable role in Wakening the patients with pvs, as well as the recovery of the patients.

8.'it feels like a blissful dream state because the closer you get to Wakening, the more rapid-eye movement and dreams occur,' he explains.

9.in the years of slumber, clove fairy princess distances to seek divine power of love, to Wakening the sleeping princess.

10.she closed the door very quietly, as she was afraid of Wakening her baby.

11.when he came back home from his night shift , jason tried to avoid Wakening his family .

12.the results showed that: 1.abnormal sleep prolonged the Wakening time and latency of nrem.

13.with great changes of human society brought about by new science and technology, and with the further Wakening of man's sense of self-emancipation, individual emancipation has got many new conditions and faces many new problems.

14.strolling along the boulevard, one feels as if the west lake were Wakening in dawn mist.

15.remote Wakening enables remote hosts to power on automatically, and then remote hosts could be controlled effectively by using remote control software.

16.the contradictions and conflicts of interest are more and more frequent and sharp in land expropriation, with the Wakening of right concept.

17.conclusions li-su lotion has good effects on treating hyperthermia and promoting Wakening, and it can enhance the life quality of craniocerebral injury coma patients.

18.the sea is compared to his Wakening consciousness as well as the dangers and hardships encountered in his growth.

19.to emphasize on reinforcing learning effect, using exercise skill and Wakening learning motive.

20.i looked neither to rising sun, nor smiling sky, nor Wakening nature.

21.the enlightenment of humanism and the Wakening of eros are always regarded as criteria to judge whether a traditional literary work qualifies as a classic.

22.objective to study the method for Wakening the patients with pvs, in order to promote the patients 'Wakening and recovery.

23.this essay, with the help of analyzing wordsworth's poems from green perspective, is devoted to finding out man's early ecological concern& hating industrial civilization, longing for the harmony with nature, and Wakening the whole world to our serious global environment.

24.all the patients did not take place respiration inhibition, Wakening delay, nausea and vomiting.

25.only when Wakening up, we just come to our sense and know it is a dream.

26.but, in fact, i am more like your own moments of Wakening awareness that move you into the waking state.

27.this paper introduces the concepts and the reasons of the sleeping information, expounds the importance of Wakening the sleeping information, and probes into some countermeasures that should be adopted by the library in Wakening the sleeping information.

28.analysis of the university of humanities education in the practice of moral education Wakening mechanism

29.the reasons for these is all-around, mainly the Wakening of body consciousness, culture and social experiences and difference of roles caused by social change, the catalyze by mass media, disjunction of three ages and influences of upper generation and so on.

30.how to make the sound: make the schwa with your jaws slightly open, your lips relaxed, and your tongue in the same position as when you wake up ( everyone uses the schwa upon Wakening!).

31.during one night several weeks later, john and his wife were Wakening up by the cry "daddy" .

32.influence of comprehensive nursing intervention on the Wakening and recovery of the patients with pvs

33.but with the progress of society and the Wakening of the sense of citizen's right and law, the question which has not been noticed enough gradually floats up to the social surface and becomes the focus of the society.

34.Wakening after sleeping, sleeping after Wakening, we live through our life.

35.she closed the door very quietly, as she was afraid of Wakening the sleeper.

36.the uprising of women poetry shows the Wakening of self-consciousness in this social group and the general advancement of history, their poetic writing has made great contribution to the new poetry of modern age.

37.the Wakening and predicament of the puberty of women consciousness in china