Vizier Sentence Examples | Use Vizier in a sentence

1.we now realise that it was1,000 years older-and very high status, perhaps made for a Vizier, or even for royalty. belongs to the tomb of queen hatshepsut's Vizier ( chief minister) user and his wife.

3.trying to inquire into the relationship between ancient egyptian pharaoh and Vizier

4.what are yanina and its Vizier to you, edmond? nowadays, a large number of ancient egyptian books and articles always mention the title of the Vizier, the second highest executive and administrative position in the ancient egypt central government.

6.the next summer murad iii rewarded osman by making him grand Vizier.

7.we now realise that it was 1, 000 years older - and very high status, perhaps made for a Vizier, or even for royalty.

8.Viziers in ancient egypt were powerful officials tasked with the day-to-day running of the kingdom's complex bureaucracy.

9."do you know, my daughter, what that means?" he asked," though you are the daughter of the grand Vizier, that will not save your life."

10."wrote cuneyt arcayurek in cumhuriyet, calling erdogan the" grand Vizier of the ottoman republic.

11.user held the position of Vizier for 20 years, also acquiring the titles of prince and mayor of the city, according to the inscriptions.

12."imad ad-din wrote that after the brief mourning period of shirkuh, during which" opinions differed", the zengid emirs decided upon saladin and forced the caliph to "invest him as Vizier.

13.she was now one of a group of oriental beauties who, in the second act of the comic opera, were paraded by the Vizier before the new potentate as the treasures of his harem.

14."do not err, " he said to the grand Vizier. "though she is your daughter, her head must be cut off in the morning. "

15."do not err," he said to the grand Vizier." though she is your daughter, her head must be cut off in the morning. "

16.the Vizier took aladdin's mother to the sultan, and she put her head on the ground at his feet.

17.though he did not disband the fatimid caliphate until 1171 saladin actively sought to spread sunnism as soon as he became the Vizier. the grand Vizier went to the sultan and told him that his own daughter begged for the honor of being the sultan's wife for one night.

19.she went into a long room, but when she saw the sultan, his Vizier, and all his slaves, she was very afraid.

20.he produced documents proving that the Vizier of yanina had up to the last moment honored him with his entire confidence, since he had interested him with a negotiation of life and death with the emperor.

21.a Vizier heard the story and he went straight into the bazaar and bought the diamond immediately.

22.thus, i draw the conclusion: the lofty position and power of the Vizier have not been lost in the new kingdom period.

23.the Vizier of the new kingdom in ancient egypt

24.shirkuh was appointed the new Vizier and gave saladin a high administrative position. going over the Vizier's head, paser has seriously insulted the prime minister of egypt. the mayor must be put in his place.

26.and now, o excellent Vizier, the excess of my paternal anxiety inclines me to sleep.

27.and do you also, o prudent Vizier, forget it.