Vivacity Sentence Examples | Use Vivacity in a sentence

1.the light and Vivacity that laugh in the eyes of a child ( charles dickens) was, perhaps, archer reflected, because her early Vivacity had disappeared.

3.the irish are known for their charm and Vivacity, as well as for the beauty of the irish girls.

4.we were all affected by the Vivacity of this lovely little boy.

5.he stood aside, registering the Vivacity of the street life.

6.such were some of the thoughts that now stirred in hester's mind, with as much Vivacity of impression as if they had actually been whispered into her ear.

7.he went to this table with a sort of Vivacity, took a key from his pocket, and opened the valise.

8.her eyes danced with great Vivacity.

9.catherine and edgar are as fond of each other as any two people can be,'cried isabella, with sudden Vivacity.

10.his hair was long and black, not curled like wool; his forehead very high, and large, and a great Vivacity and sparkling sharpness in his eyes.

11.then your looks and movements will have more Vivacity and variety than they dare offer now.

12.the girl impressed her finance's relatives with her Vivacity and sense of humor. was, perhaps, archer reflected, because her early Vivacity had disappeared; because she was so quiet& quiet in her movements, her voice, and the tones of her low-pitched voice.

14.she was a little fuller of figure than five years before when she married; but she had lost nothing of her Vivacity .

15.she seized his hands with Vivacity, and raising them to her face with an irresistible movement, she pressed them against her neck beneath her chin, which is a gesture of profound tenderness.

16.her charm resides in her Vivacity.

17.only in his conversation did he display interest and Vivacity.

18.the whole race seems to be wearing make-up and smooth as a sex, while retaining its animal Vivacity and its restrained violence.

19.its elegant and expressive nose of white fruits and lemon smells matches harmoniously with its generous mouth and its great balance between fruits and Vivacity. was not that these two loving mentors deplored scarlett's high spirits, Vivacity and charm.

21.the irish are charm and Vivacity.

22.but da silva said, "otis" Vivacity, know what is going through, when the parachute did not show fear emotions. indicated the restless Vivacity of her spirit, which to-day was doubly indefatigable in its tiptoe dance, because it was played upon and vibrated with her mother's disquietude.

24."he isn't preaching, at any rate," said daisy with Vivacity.

25.the girl impressed her fiancee's relatives favorably with her Vivacity and sense of humor. is passion, Vivacity, spry and warm.

27.his eyes acquired some Vivacity when they rested on his books, and he smiled when he gazed at the diogenes laertius, which was a unique copy.

28.he was charmed by her Vivacity and high spirits.

29.this characteristic scent brings Vivacity and sprightliness to some of the most remarkable coffees in the world.

30.there was colour, light, and life in the boy's face now, Vivacity in his manner, and genuine merriment in his laugh.

31.this poem describes the Vivacity and energy of the ancient grasslands in the flourish of spring.

32.he seems to have more length of limb than Vivacity of blood or vigour of brain.

33.the girl impressed her relatives' favorably with her Vivacity and sense of humor. was for her wit and Vivacity that she was celebrated rather than her beauty.

35.lianzhu is the combination of stylistic Vivacity and seriousness.

36.but, after panting a few times, the woman recovered her Vivacity and began to ply him vigorously with exclamations and questions, beaming the while with delighted interest.

37.he had been talking all day, on many subjects, and with unusual Vivacity.

38.the girl impressed her boyfriend's relatives favorably with her Vivacity and sense of humor.