Vis-a-vis Sentence Examples | Use Vis-a-vis in a sentence

1.women's salaries are low Vis-a-vis what men earn for the same work.

2.his salary Vis-a-vis the national average is extremely high.

3.knowing what's happening inside of a java process Vis-a-vis the executing threads is a common diagnostic challenge.

4.china's size and high rate of economic growth will almost certainly increase its relative strength Vis-a-vis the u.

5.overall, the company has improved its position Vis-a-vis competitors in other important ways.

6.investigation and analysis, which involves assessing key quality attribute requirements Vis-a-vis architectural approaches.

7.-on the us negotiating position Vis-a-vis europe during world war i, 16 october 2001.

8.assign to the company or its nominee, to the extent desired by the company, all or any rights, titles and commitments relating to the contract which the contractor has acquired Vis-a-vis third parties;

9.we document the positive influence of corporations Vis-a-vis financial institutions with respect to domestic shareholdings as well.

10.they sat Vis-a-vis at the table.

11.the results of these legal actions could greatly change the landscape for ratings agencies and their legal liabilities Vis-a-vis ratings.

12.this puts the us and the eu in different positions Vis-a-vis globalisation.

13.what are the program manager's role and authority Vis-a-vis the executive sponsor's role and authority?

14.that gives the us government the position Vis-a-vis the world that the japanese government possesses Vis-a-vis japanese savers.

15.china is keeping its currency artificially low in order to increase its trade surplus and lower its costs of production Vis-a-vis competitor countries. the banquet table, i had the good fortune to sit Vis-a-vis an old school chum.

17.beijing and moscow are using their close ties as a bargaining chip Vis-a-vis washington.

18.meeting of organizations on proposals for integrated social policies Vis-a-vis the macroeconomic adjustments in the latin american and caribbean region exchange rates influence the relative cost of imports Vis-a-vis domestic goods and the relative cost of exports Vis-a-vis foreign goods in importing countries. the1870s, farmers had become more astute Vis-a-vis national politics.

21.then the steady-state mathematical model is analyzed by means of numerical computation method, some important advantages of ccc-hvdc systems are revealed Vis-a-vis that of lcc based on hvdc system.

22.we smiled Vis-a-vis and returned home.

23.what exactly is our position Vis-a-vis the south american market? predominantly a service centre, our competitiveness is a function of both the quality of our infrastructure and the cost at which these services can be provided Vis-a-vis our neighbouring competitors. some cases, a holder of a resource is able to maintain a relative position Vis-a-vis other holders and third persons, as long as these act rationally.

26.for taiwan, the most delicate question of all is its ambiguous status Vis-a-vis mainland china. is also very essential to understand market expectations Vis-a-vis the reported figures.

28.the most clearly defined role of glutathione Vis-a-vis the skin is that of protection against uv radiation. reflects the timing of vegetative shoot extension Vis-a-vis flower development.

30.we also considered the management implications of selecting a product and a process position Vis-a-vis others in the industry.

31.the usual position in modern dancing is Vis-a-vis.

32.meanwhile, brazil's leaders find themselves facing an uncomfortable choice Vis-a-vis cheap chinese manufacturing imports.

33.this is why the international community has a duty of solidarity Vis-a-vis them, and we, as the most developed states, must meet this challenge.

34.i've got to speak to james lewis Vis-a-vis the arrangements for thursday.