Virtu Sentence Examples | Use Virtu in a sentence Virtu: of the molecular recognition and self-assembling properties, dna molecules can be used as the active components for nano-scale electronic devices.

2.when α> 6.2, more reasonable upper bound of the ground state energy than that of strong coupling theory is obtained. we also give the improved results of the average Virtu-al phonon number around the electron and the polaron effective mass.

3.thinking on strengthening the vocational Virtu's education of accounting major students

4.all applicants, sales should be smart and workhard, expert should be professional and hard working, management should be excellent on Virtu, talent and workhard.

5.patience: a minor form of despair disguised as Virtu.

6.temperature and flow decoupling control algorithm of mixed solution and real-time Virtu-alization of the! decoupling control system

7.Virtu that, of course, is machiavelli's Virtu, princely Virtue, what you do to leave the people satisfied and stupefied.

8.for its simple definition and highly structurization, l-system becomes one of the most common methods used in Virtu- al plants simulation.

9.inailed down a contract to sell a thousand cars. the customer signed Virtu'sly 'sl the papers and i've 'srecommerci'sy faxed them back.

10.on the anniversary the versatile poet wrote an adverse verse Virtu e versus evil.

11.the Virtu  ̄ lity technology is not only the peak of the multi medium technology, but also the last fortress of the man& machine interface technology.

12.and for india, the nuclear deal offers access to u. s. technology and Virtu-ally free membership in the club of nuclear-armed nations.

13.the model of machiavellian Virtu is the renaissance statesman, cesare borgia in general, cesare borgia.