Violet Sentence Examples | Use Violet in a sentence

1.where oxlips and the nodding Violet grows.

2.salt-tolerant seashore annual grown for its fragrant rose or Violet flowers and fleshy gray-green foliage. want to see it spinning nice and opening clockwise in its primary color of indigo and Violet.

4.natural Violet cabbage pigment is one of anthocyanins in centaurea cyanus, mainly used for coloring food up to now.

5.if they do break, apply some gentian Violet solution.

6.she also features special eye colors: sky blue, Violet, moss green, and auburn.

7.the trampled stems are weathered, buff with a tinge of Violet, as if the color has rubbed off the deer's bellies .

8.common european Violet that grows in woods and hedgerows.

9.the perfume was made from Violet and lavender.

10.what did they put in me, Violet?

11.people on twitter named my new fragrance, Violet eyes.

12."and one, " said a crone in a Violet tokar. the auctioneer gave her a sour look but did not disallow the bid.

13.Violet's diary entry for 20 april 1917 records brigit admitting to the affair

14.dark red colour, strong flavours of blackberry and Violet.

15.after 10 minutes the surplus material is washed away and any remaining deposit examined with ultra Violet light. mother, with her Violet blue eyes and thick dark hair, looked like a cross between a young elizabeth taylor and vivien leigh.

17.their color was Violet.

18.he made also a cover for the tabernacle of rams' skins dyed red: and another cover over that of Violet skins.

19.ruthenium-plated bracelet; centre element set with crystals in blue, Violet and grey shades; lobster clasp. is pure purple, just like Violet;

21.when it comes to expressing himself he is no shrinking Violet

22.none of the women he paints, however, could be described as shrinking Violets.

23.but Violet drifted alone among the lilies, dreaming of the daring duck who would take her to live in the moat of a castle. and Violet are at opposite ends of the spectrum.

25.also wear black clothes, with green, red Violet color and supplement.

26.beautiful indigo, Violet colors spinning nice and open and clockwise.

27.the above image is shown in exaggerated colors combining Violet and green light with light normally too red for humans to see. late july 1914, he and Violet spent a few days with friends near berwick-upon-tweed

29.give me some gentian Violet.

30.a treatment method for carbazole Violet commercialization is presented.

31.Violet appended a note at the end of the letter

32.flower-child Violet affleck is obviously blossoming into a darling little version of her mommy jennifer garner.

33.the twelve numbers are coloured. they're yellow, green, pink, Violet, brown and orange.

34.a photographic film sensitive to green and blue and Violet light.

35.any of a group of colors with a hue between that of Violet and red.

36.the light was beginning to drain from a Violet sky.

37.a puppet poet's wearing a Violet helmet and blowing a magnetic trumpet on a toilet planet.

38.european biennial widely cultivated for its blue or Violet or white flowers.'s a little bit weird though, because the cream starts out with a Violet color that fades as the product is absorbed into the skin.

40.colour: deep and young red, with some Violet and brick tones.