Vie Sentence Examples | Use Vie in a sentence honeybee populations, males are a dime adozen. thousands Vie for a shot to be with a virgin queen, but only a lucky fewsucceed.

2.only in this way can enterprises have strong competitiveness to Vie with their domestic and overseas counterparts. of the items regulators have been looking is a controversial chinese corporate structure, variable interest entity (Vie). circumvent foreign-ownership restrictions, chinese firms use the so-called variable-interest entity ( Vie) structure.

5.thus, two competing technology segments now Vie for the same developers.

6.what motivates nantah alumni associations all over the world to put in money and hard work to Vie for the honour of hosting a reunion?

7.india and china Vie for influence in the indian ocean, russia and china compete in central asia.

8.clerics Vie continuously to create better tasting and more powerful curative potions than their brethren of other faiths.

9.but director oliVier dahan ( la Vie en rose) and weinstein co. co-chairman harvey weinstein swept their differences under the red carpet wednesday.

10.i like fast fox-trot and Vie ese waltz best, but sometimes i like to dance disco and twist.

11.each plan has to Vie with many others just to get a second look from investors. this respect, it can Vie with wangfujing of beijing for championship, or world championship.

13.compared to hong kong, u.s. Vie regulation is light. firms Vie with each other to hire the best students.

15.after los angeles, cities around the world began to Vie to host olympiads.

16.all three countries Vie with england in the battle for international students.

17.i would sit between the two of them, and they'd sort of Vie for my attention and try to sell me that they were right. hospitals, business plans Vie with patients for doctors 'attention

19.the alibaba-yahoo spat isn't the only time the Vie structure has led to disputes.

20.this allowed foreign investors buy shares in the Vie instead of the mainland chinese company directly.

21.french actress marion cotillard discussed how appearing in la Vie en rose changed her life. giants Vie for china's green car market.

23.although i admit few people would Vie for the pathetically normal moniker without at least a double shot of truth serum. body will Vie with you. hospitals, business plans Vie with patients for doctors'attention.

26.this profit-making pattern can completely Vie with the currency fund, and its liquidity is even better.

27.the combustion swelling properties of Vie of the pulping spent liquor of poplar, wheat straw and rice straw were investigated. uncle frank and my uncle john would Vie for who would take me to lunch, because that was sort of beating the other guy. lee said the government's acknowledgement of Vie structures implies acceptance of the structures' legal merit. they Vie for the attention of a stunning blonde, nash observes their rivalry and, from that, develops his "game theory" .

31.different factions, clustered around personalities and policies, Vie for power, as in any political system.

32.the two films will Vie for the gold palm award at the cannes film festival.

33.this posting has outlined the basic structure of Vies using a typical example.

34." makeup went french as well, to the couple responsible for aging cotillard from youth to her middle-age death in " la Vie en rose.