Versed Sentence Examples | Use Versed in a sentence

1.he calls himself one Versed in all things and is extremely arrogant.

2.through these, liu continue to form his own philosophy in painting Versed at folk and political argot to express a concern for the fate of mankind and cultural history.

3.for those of us not Versed in higher mathematics, it is impossible.

4.he was not particularly well Versed in the social graces.

5.he is well Versed in different methodologies and knows how and when to apply them.

6.she is deeply Versed in the classics.

7.well Versed in reading engineering drawing and interpretation of engineering tolerance;

8.the professor was Versed in the writings of shakespeare.

9.he said that chinese customers nowadays are well Versed in wines. therefore, the major responsibility of a wine sommelier is to offer different options and considerate service. wonder you're so well Versed in control issues.

11.they were jews, but one of them carried a roman passport and was well Versed in the wisdom of the gentile world. gathers that the imaginary reader is usually thought of as a man Versed in the philosophy of the arabs.

13.well Versed in the china investment market and established in her career abroad, ms shi remains steadfast in her ties with her alma mater.

14.he was well Versed in arts.

15.for a politician whose rise to prominence was largely built upon his powers as an orator, obama is well Versed in the arts of speech-making.

16.i had to be Versed in all the woodland creatures.

17.i am well Versed in classic music.

18.i am a versatile man, well Versed in chemistry and architecture.

19.the nabis proclaimed that an artist should be Versed in various spheres of art, the applied arts included.

20.Versed in embroidery and accomplished in painting, she has accumulated substantial and mature experiences over the course of more than forty years.

21.he was also well Versed in the facts of the real world.

22.this is his Versed trick, what's called "selling the drummy".

23.near china's northern borders lived a man well Versed in the practices of taoism. is well Versed in many styles of jazz.

25.i'm not sufficiently Versed in computers to understand what you're saying.

26.he did not have to tell the troll everything, and it was certainly preferable to have a companion Versed in woodcraft.

27.that person should be thoroughly Versed in your management plan and well briefed on the crisis being dealt with.

28.know clearly about self shortcomings, without enough society experience, not know much about the Versed in the art of dealing with people.

29.a physicist was a person Versed in or studying physics, and he must understand photoelectric effect.

30.very sophisticated especially because of surfeit; Versed in the ways of the world.

31.well informed or deeply Versed through reading.

32.this book adds details about the run-up to the revolution but covers familiar ground for those already Versed in iranian history. gentle "wind" as well Versed in the subtleties of the system, a certain person, how can people not "top" ? it possible that gentlemen long Versed in high political affairs can not read these signs?

35.second, it was to create the next generation of international leaders, well-Versed in cross-cultural management.

36.after ten years as an ambassador, she is well Versed in the arts of diplomacy.

37.a legal scholar Versed in civil law or the law of nations.

38.the scholar is well Versed in ancient greek and latin, not to speak of spanish which is his mother tongue.

39.the scholar is well Versed in latin, not to speak of english which is his mother tongue.

40.the three sisters is all well Versed in the mechanism of novel write.