verboten Sentence Examples | Use verboten in a sentence sharp contrast to waikiki's kitsch, tourism is quite verboten, and the island is only accessible via pricey, private helicopter tours.

2.the imf is now a major player in the euro zone, an area previously verboten to it.

3.q. i never talk about politics or religion at social functions. are there any verboten subjects at business functions?

4.leaf blowers? verboten, at least on "bad air" days. they kick up dust.

5.what is permissible at one may be verboten at another.

6.things we used to say were verboten are now considered an acceptable risk-return trade-off as liquidity and hedging markets have developed.

7.the science has been endlessly debated: some nutritionists counter that verboten foods like grains, dairy and beans contain valuable nutrients, such as calcium, vitamins b and d, antioxidants and fiber.

8.even airlines have set ideas about good and bad mojo, down to a list of verboten flight numbers: no one ever schedules flight 13.

9.some other rules: the passive voice is to be avoided and pop culture references are verboten.

10.beards are virtually verboten in corporate circles.

11.but unlike in other countries, from the netherlands to hungary, any kind of populist politics continues to be verboten in germany.