Veracious Sentence Examples | Use Veracious in a sentence yates might consider it only as a Veracious interruption for the evening, and mr. rushworth might imagine it a blessing.

2.through the approaches of discriminant analysis and bp neural network, the Veracious ratio of the training and testing samples are preferable.

3.kalman filter is used to predict and track markers, making the tracking of markers more Veracious. define the other as the locus of the word, is to say that its nothing other than the locus where an assertion is posited as Veracious.

5.results the Veracious rate of gastroscopic biopsies in early gastric cancer was80.87%.

6.hedges are widely used to help the reporters to report the court news in an objective, righteous and Veracious manner.

7.inversion results show that quick calculation, steady convergence, little request for inversion starter and Veracious results are the characteristics of this method.

8.the computer control system realize that the adjustment of injection and extraction can done by pc and operate interface is windows style. the system can make the adjustment convenient and Veracious.

9.result Veracious and fast identification of similar photocopy papers with ft-ir in this method was feasible.

10.such conviction stems from his keen focus and Veracious tenacity.

11.this technique can show image quickly and Veracious;

12.all in all, chinese spring palace paintings are inclined to poetic imagination, yet western nudes commit themselves to Veracious expression.

13.compared with the traditional method, it works much quicker, and is with better repeatability, more objective and Veracious results.

14.the range-displacement and direction-deflexion of radio induced by ionospheric refraction is analyzed in this paper, the approximative formula is expandable and more Veracious than the formula given in literatures for both the plane and spherical ionospheric models.

15.update register information continually, tally with the request of "timely, exhaustive and Veracious" .

16.the method can provide Veracious information of monitoring for on line operation of scott transformer winding.

17.this approach reduces the correlation of high dimension parameters, enhance the speed of disposal. meanwhile, it makes the partition of the range about the characters more Veracious by weight.

18.this paper will present a scheme for how to reuse the available data of air traffic control management department to provide Veracious schedule and changing of flights for passengers by the real time flight information query system, which is based on several public communication systems.

19.fuzzy synthetic evaluation gives consideration to the fuzziness of evaluation criterion, the feeling of happiness, contentment and satisfaction, and gets more scientific and Veracious.

20.description of each factor detail can influence the authentic and Veracious of news.

21.miss stackpole was a strictly Veracious reporter. to get the Veracious calamity weather rules by the observed data has been attended more and more by the weather people.

23.the development of traditional chinese medicine is greatly compelled by electric measuring of the meridian and acupoints, also it can show the information of pathological changes more deeply and comprehensively, its balance and dialectic standpoint are bright, which is more Veracious and practicability.

24.a Veracious diagnosis of the dormant sclera rupture and a timely surgery will save the eye ball and ocular function more effectively.

25.the technique of rs can get timing and Veracious data of the earth's surface. rs can provide convenient and Veracious data to gis on the combination of rs and gis.

26.the experiment results showed that three-meter method and vector synthetic method have more Veracious than two-meter method.

27.the quality of the nursing records was improved and the nursing records were impersonal, true, Veracious and can meet the need for quoting.

28.but the research is not a patch on the needs of structure form and diversification function. as far as those towers that have vagary sculpt, the criterion of high-rising structure design can not offer Veracious reference basis.

29.compared with the existing image segmentation algorithms, the experiment results show the new algorithm is rapid and Veracious .

30.the method of handling statistics datum and the estimating method of the output elasticity of labor ( a) and the output elasticity of capital(β) are scientific, Veracious and according with fact.

31.then design and exploit county ( city) level comprehensive land use planning database system based on gis which makes the comprehensive land use planning more convenient, scientific, canonical, Veracious and maneuverability.

32.the correctness and reliability of numerical calculate mainly depend on whether or not choose appropriate numerical model and Veracious mechanics parameter.

33.maybe someone is Veracious when he speaks highly of loneness, but who are not willing to be accompanied with a beloved? order to be more Veracious in color measurement, a method to match color filter is discussed on the basis of colorimetric principle and transmittance characteristic of filter.

35.the distributed automatic program evaluation architecture provided a more effective, Veracious and applicable mechanism to implement a program evaluation system.

36.the influence Veracious factors mainly have variation of the stator resistance, dc offset in the measurement of the stator voltage and current.

37.with the rapid development of network and communication technologies, there comes an urgent and higher requirement on the verification, which should be more Veracious, safe and practicable.