Vehemently Sentence Examples | Use Vehemently in a sentence

1.the rumor was that mayweather's ribs were injured during a sparring session, something the fiercely proud fighter Vehemently denies.

2.the irascible rascal became indignant when he heard someone besmirch* him with Vehemently harsh swear words.

3.the chaebol have Vehemently resisted attempts to curb their power. shaikh has Vehemently denied any wrongdoing but admitted some involvement in the online degree business.

5.he has Vehemently rejected claims that he is a government stooge

6.what a fool i am, she thought Vehemently. 23:10 and the chief priests and the scribes stood by, Vehemently accusing him.

8.we argued Vehemently, and just as Vehemently stuck together.

9.she says hundreds of female students were killed, a charge the government Vehemently denies.

10.russia Vehemently opposes bringing the two former soviet republics into the alliance.

11.malthus, indeed, had Vehemently opposed ricardo's doctrine that it was impossible for effective demand to be deficient; but vainly.

12.some legislators have attacked the h-1b programme for taking away us jobs and depressing wages, claims that companies Vehemently deny.

13.he Vehemently denied all the allegations, but stepped down the next day.

14.both women Vehemently deny the charges against them. turned out to be false and both of the thespians Vehemently denied the gossip, initiating legal proceedings against the rumormongers.

16.they attacked him Vehemently for his corruption.

17.aristide has said he was abducted by the united states and forced to leave, a charge washington has Vehemently denied.

18.this is the way most Vehemently recommended by teachers.

19.some of you will agree, some of you will Vehemently disagree and the rest will remain silent. resolved, i grasped the latch and shook it Vehemently.

21.he Vehemently denied the accusations against him.

22.russia is Vehemently opposed to the further eastward expansion of nato to two large former soviet republics.

23.for a population that is Vehemently anti-american and anti-israel, such labels are powerful and destructive.

24.thinking you know everything, rejecting new methods and Vehemently insisting on your ways prevents you from connecting with others.

25."i want to know god," he said Vehemently;

26.some may heap praises on you, and quite sincerely; others may condemn you, and quite Vehemently.

27.the president Vehemently denied having an extra-marital affair.

28.she so Vehemently wished to find a response to her own ardour that she closed her eyes to all that did not too readily show itself. the war he once Vehemently demanded that i discharge eighty of his officers.

30.president yusuf Vehemently opposed the dismissal, arguing that only he had the power to act in such cases.

31.and the chief priests and scribes stood and Vehemently accused him.

32.although the company had not seen the lawsuit, it Vehemently disputes the sheriff's claims. the same hearing, mr abalos Vehemently denied the charge. minister tony blair was among the many who came forward last saturday to disagree Vehemently in his tribute he described her as a symbol of britain's "decency and courage".

35.until thursday, mr. putin and the kremlin Vehemently denied periodic tabloid reports of marital stress or even plans for divorce.

36.the fa have confirmed they will investigate evra's claim, an allegation suarez has Vehemently denied.

37.he countered such attacks Vehemently, saying such a conclusion rested on a slanted reading of what he had said on the subject.

38.russia is Vehemently opposed to the notion of nato membership for the two former soviet bloc countries.