Varieties Sentence Examples | Use Varieties in a sentence could say that there are as many Varieties of english, or any other language for that matter, as there are speakers of it.

2.specific sections of the genome of27 globally representative maize Varieties to show common patterns of genetic variation.

3.yield and water use efficiency affected by rainfall, irrigation and maize Varieties

4.certain Varieties cannot be fertilised with their own pollen.

5.the basic objective of breeding end using different mulberry Varieties is put forward from the breeding angle.

6.all Varieties of goods for daily use are available.

7.Varieties of these crops have been collected from all around the district.

8.the nitrate content of other 10 vegetables Varieties had not exceeded the allowed standards, whose pollution rank was one level.

9.along with the delay of planting date, the rate of diseased grains tends to decline. while different Varieties have the difference slightly.

10.the Varieties, properties and applications of the series of halogenated paraffins were summarized.

11.we intend to turn out170 new Varieties of these products in22 lines.

12.they said releasing genetically modified rice in asia could permanently change traditional rice Varieties and wild ancestors of rice.

13.abandon all Varieties of religion and just surrender unto me. i shall deliver you from all sinful reactions. do not fear.

14.canned Varieties of beans and pulses are a good standby

15.domestic organic certification through the fao, only one of the two tea brands, greater china is the only designated procurement Varieties. ten days we collected over 100 Varieties.

17.that farmer is always looking for new Varieties of wheat.

18.the transgenic technology has become a new technical approach to the genetic improvement of rice Varieties.

19.she has 12 Varieties of old-fashioned roses. can be distinguished from other plant Varieties of the same plant specie by the expression of at least one of the said characteristics.

21.the silver-leaved Varieties of cyclamen are not quite as hardy.

22.according to wheat variety quality appraisal principle and method to classify wheat Varieties would be influenced by sample structure.

23.also show two films over the side of the land to be good, but clearly dominated the dinner train new Varieties.

24.they comprise three Varieties. many Varieties pvx evokes an interveinal mosaic.

26.the greeks developed improved Varieties of wheat and introduced garlic and new Varieties of cabbage into egypt.

27.seeds from different rice Varieties showed different sensitivities to pb poison.

28.with its excellent Varieties, good prestige and satisfactory service, has won the general customer consistent high praise.

29.a botanist can differentiate Varieties of plants.

30.the sun gilded, empurpled, set fire to and lighted up the tulips, which are nothing but all the Varieties of flame made into flowers. this paper, 37 Varieties and37 characters of chinese cymbidium are studied by means of numerical taxonomic methods.

32.the relationship among plot spike width, plant spread angle and yield traits in11 wheat Varieties was studied.

33.animal and plant Varieties;

34.this research provided a reference for developing new Varieties and improving cultivation treasures.

35.the correlation and path analysis of9 main agronomic characters in30 celery Varieties ( lines) were studied.

36.among the Varieties available, my preference stays with the old and lovely pink-flowered variety, 'apple blossom'. are grubbing up ancient Varieties of crops

38.some seed Varieties germinate fast, so check every day or so

39.thirdly the internal Varieties like firm "s r&d management will determine how much ttk can firm absorb from the external. "

40.recently, the sugar beet Varieties bred in china are limited in hereditary basis and genetic variation genealogy.