Variation Sentence Examples | Use Variation in a sentence

1.the Variation of parameters before and after multiply transformation on original sequence is studied.

2.nick, what's the difference between initial margin and Variation margin?

3.rock burst is one of the severest natural calamities in coal mining; and its energy Variation regular is always studied emphatically.

4.Variation at business domain and industry layers were also represented with required linkages.

5.measurement systems are an integral part of any problem solving effort and must be evaluated for adequate discrimination and Variation.

6.the Variation in urine and methane production compensates partly for the plane of nutrition effect.

7.Variation in parameter has a significant effect on the earth pressure and should not be overlooked in engineering design.

8.therefore, gear Variation is possible as regards the transmission ratio, ranging as far as a reversal of the direction of rotation.

9.this delicious Variation on an omelette is quick and easy to prepare

10.a majority of cause to breast cancer is still be a riddle, while researchers have founded out a few genetic Variation can conduce cancer.

11.the accuracy and resolution of phase comparison method in length Variation measurement are analyzed.

12.this story is in china everyplace extensive spread, and in spread occurrence or big or small Variation. can model requirements variability by introducing Variation points in your uml activity diagrams.

14.the trend of the change of the diversity index was opposite to that of the Variation coefficient.

15.these prices are subject to Variation. the context of this article, i'm referring to the platform Variation.

17.the empirical analysis reveals the Variation trend of every subsystem, as well as the whole system of shandong.

18.the residues of these three pesticides were observed to have been reducing with the harvest time, but with different Variation in reduction.

19.and the Variation of the transmission laser wavelength has no obvious influence on the system bit error rate.

20.therefore, the study of henan folk clay toys, inheritance, Variation and development is necessary. can use some Variation of these functional components for the design and implementation of the otmps.

22.specific sections of the genome of27 globally representative maize varieties to show common patterns of genetic Variation.

23.yes, this is a Variation on the first point.

24.prices are subject to Variation. further confuse the issue, there is an enormous Variation in the amount of sleep people feel happy with.

26.the survey found a wide Variation in the prices charged for canteen food

27.the Variation of runoff in a year basically corresponds to that of rainfall in that year.

28.the Variation will be on the same order of magnitude as the average itself.

29.the temperature Variations during a year have maxima at the poles, where the annual Variation of the inflow of solar energy is also maximum.

30.many theories on punishment exist, all of which are Variations on a theme.

31.b. what seems to be a negative co-Variation between phenomena is in reality a positive co-Variation between phenomena.

32.we discuss first a wide variety of evidence bearing upon the thickness and constitutional Variation of plates.

33.every day without Variation my grandfather ate a plate of cold ham., you analyze Variation points identified in the business process models.

35.this method is a Variation of the discounted cash flow method that assumes some minimum desired rate of return.

36.Variation among humans is limited to the possible permutations of our genes.

37.the Variation of cycled strain of the alloy was discussed during the cyclic loading process.

38.these easm modes affect chinese summer rainfall Variation, particularly in north and northeast china.

39.after all, there is probably as much Variation of pronunciation within the two countries as between them. size explained a large part of this Variation.