Vaporizing Sentence Examples | Use Vaporizing in a sentence

1.the process flow, main points of technological design and operational guidance measures of lng Vaporizing station are discussed.

2.the main points in safety design of facilities including lng storage tanks, vaporizer and pipeline systems, fire control system and so on in lng Vaporizing station are discussed.

3.this image is of the carbon dioxide ice cap at the south pole of mars. the pattern is formed by the ice Vaporizing.

4.the utility model relates to a Vaporizing device which relates to gas welding, gas cutting and other analogous usages.

5.its sorption makes the liquid refrigeration material in the evaporator Vaporizing and realizing the cooling effects.

6.this process using the bottom of waste heat will pump gas produced sewage containing phenol Vaporizing for low pressure steam in after charging, solve the Vaporizing reaction.

7.mathematical model and numerical simulation on permeating and heat transfer with Vaporizing in evaporator's core of loop heat pipes

8.spring on mars sees plumes of carbon dioxide Vaporizing from solid blocks of dry ice as they warm up in the sunlight.

9.a combustion supporting device of the Vaporizing device is formed by connecting an electrolytic tank, a gas storage tank, a gas water separator, an ultrasonic mixer and a backfire arrestor.

10.obiective test the relationship between the heating time of electrothermal Vaporizing liquid and the residues of pyrethroid in mandril.

11.the magnetic nanocapsules with good physicochemical performance are obtained through Vaporizing various magnetic metals in the methane atmosphere.

12.these include the effects of Vaporizing current, volume and geometry of the vaporizer.

13.the model not only considers the effects of key parameters such as injection rate, droplet size distribution and ambient conditions on the Vaporizing and mixing processes, but also makes calculation model simple enough. it is especially suitable for diesel engine quasi-dimensional combustion model.

14.application of lng and discussion on design of Vaporizing station experimental study was performed to investigate the influences of closing valve time on Vaporizing time and water hammer pressure in the pressurized water delivery pipeline system and the influence of gas content on water hammer pressure as well.

16.technological design and operational management of lng Vaporizing station

17.Vaporizing ices from the comet included cyanogen and diatomic carbon, both gases that glow green in sunlight out in the vacuum of space.

18.a system for Vaporizing liquefied natural gas comprising: a heat transfer medium comprising glycol, water and alcohol;

19.clusters of drones heated; culminated beams shot forth again, targeting more distant covenant vessels and Vaporizing them.

20.service contract for domestic boilers with Vaporizing oil burners - presentation of contractual documents.

21.a study on relativity between complications and different temperatures of rinse solutions for patients after undergoing per urethra prostate Vaporizing electrocision

22.because, who knows, the explosion you hear from the usb doomsday device might just be the sound of your brain Vaporizing.

23.ptfe matrix composites were fabricated using mixing nano sized powder process and Vaporizing impregnant process.

24.heat transfer coefficient of convection, long wave radiation and Vaporizing at exterior surface are analyzed, and simplified algorithm for total heat transfer coefficient is provided.

25.analysis on risk management in safety production of lng Vaporizing station

26.with a Vaporizing gas drive, miscibility is achieved at some distance from the injection well. development of valve device for injection-production integrated technology of heavy oil thermal recovery slim holes

27.according to the current relevant national standards for fire control design, the scheme for fire control design of lng Vaporizing station is put forward.

28.the ablation rate is controlled by both the ablation cloud and the Vaporizing surface layer.

29.the ammonium chloride is neutralized by Vaporizing and thickening from mother liquors.

30.some technical problems of lpg storage and filling station and Vaporizing station are analysed, and solving methods are presented. the recent war of the worlds with tom cruise, the alien ship starts firing the disintegrator ray at the crowds and Vaporizing people as they are running away. order to research the boiling convection of flat heat pipe in Vaporizing stage and the influence of metal core taking in liquid on the boiling condition, the experimental research on convection of the surface of metal grid padding was performed for this kind of flat heat pipe.

33.the machine is with lower power consumption and it has auxiliary electric heating function, which can accelerate Vaporizing and humidifying process without limitation of ambient humidity.

34.the paper introduces several domestic and international common desiccating techniques on long distance gas pipelines. they are the desiccant method, the flowing gas Vaporizing method and the vacuum desiccating method.

35.the application situation of lng is analyzed, and the main equipment and safety design of lng Vaporizing station are discussed.

36.influence of intensities of the Vaporizing laser and carrier gas on features of c_n~-mass spectra

37.a new type of combustor , a double-chamber Vaporizing combustor has been developed for heating apparatus of heating calibration tunnel.