Vaporing Sentence Examples | Use Vaporing in a sentence

1.or is all this an empty conceit, the Vaporing of the tired and overwrought brain of a life long liberal?

2.the climate for Vaporing air conditioning

3.she knows that the rich brocade never loves Vaporing character, the in the mind is suffused with to have expectancy.

4.the method of infilling glass cotton in glass inner tube avoided the disturbance of chromatography peak and impurity peak which because reverse pervasion and adsorption of sample Vaporing and septum lose. consists of mutual permeating and re-placing of solvents, and their Vaporing to dry.

6.a tentatively study on Vaporing-drift loss of spray irrigation in maowusu sandlot

7.experiments show that the silicon material is removed by not only melting and Vaporing action, but also the heat denudation action is very important.

8.ptfe based dielectric is metallized by vacuum Vaporing, vacuum sputtering and chemical plating respectively. this paper, the auther has summarized up experience of professor zhu hong-jiang in treating the coughs caused by external factors; the clinical function of Vaporing lung is obvious to each case.