Vamp Sentence Examples | Use Vamp in a sentence

1.spell Vamp is now an official stat.

2.Vamp up an old speech.

3.other platforms that would work include sandals with thin straps, pumps with a low cut Vamp, or other shoes with open toes.

4.perforations at Vamp, sides and tongue.

5.the utility model relates to a dual-purpose sandal whose rear sandal loop is connected with a Vamp by riveting buttons.

6.aiming at the Vamp use of raw materials, such as: leather, artificial leather, cloth

7.bonus sexy points: she's a Vamp with a heart of gold, which is definitely better than a Vamp with, say, a heart of daggers.

8.humans are turned into Vampires by ingesting Vamp blood. opening in the Vamp of a shoe at the instep. the feet crushed her back.

10.used before lasting, this machine is applicable to shape the Vamp after the Vamp is heated.

11.full-grain, metallic leather or suede upper with gathered detail at Vamp for a fun-yet-sophisticated look.

12.suitable for curved shaping of Vamp leather of kinds of boots.

13.the machine adopts enclosed heating and vacuum forming to make the Vamp fit with the last.

14.with high-temperature and high-pressure steam, the Vamp can treated soft and evenly.

15.putting cut outs in toe area of Vamp mould help eliminate wrinkles.

16.they'll call me a Vamp, a public enemy obstructing progress.

17.old west leather upper with a delicate leather flower accent at the Vamp for added pop.

18.operated through air pressure and air chamber, this machine can be easily adjusted to achieve more warping of the Vamp.

19.used before lasting machine, this machine makes Vamp soft and eady to lasting through heating and moistening.'s time to Vamp it up or wolf it out in the comments. . . whatever you prefer. matter be the liner of Vamp, bootlace, upper or shoe, used the material of all sorts of quality of a material, decorative pattern, this also brought new visual influence undoubtedly.

22.the depth of pressing can be adjusted according to the size of the Vamp.

23.the utility model is formed by connecting a sole and a Vamp; the sole is formed by connecting the sole bottom and the heel bottom via the hinge structure.

24.wondering what the drama will be now that Vamp camp is overturned?

25.Vamp up an excuse for not attending the meeting.

26.she was dressed like a Vamp, with red nails and lipstick, but the reality was that she was very shy.

27.the above photo is another site that the td agreed to have a Vamp for the disabled, but it's not mentioned in the consultation paper.

28.but the's only so much i can Vamp from the podium.

29.color not same, not in pair, cementing come off., shank too loose, loose thread, Vamp broken down, wrapping not even.

30.the part of a shoe or boot covering the heel and joining the Vamp.

31.he can Vamp up an excuse that sounds true.

32.dual instep elastic goring along the Vamp for an impeccable fit with each step you take.

33.the machine is suitable for Vamp use, dress cloth and bags with thin content of leather.

34.this machine is suitable for gluing on surfaces of various soft materials, such as Vamp, medium-sole, plastic leather shoe pad, leather etc. there anyone whose shoes need mending? Vamp worn boots

36.Vamp heights and quarter heights . check for variance with pair of shoes for variance with pair of shoes for Vamp height and quarter height.

37.haley and klaus are having a Vamp/ hybrid/ were-baby together, but their connection pretty much ends there.

38.bonus sexy points: she's a Vamp with a heart of gold, which is definitely better than a Vamp with, say, a heart of daggers. or something.

39.step your foot on the entrance of machine, power switched on and polishing, dedusting automatically from Vamp to tread. opening in the Vamp of a shoe at the instep. the part of a boot above the instep.