Valvular Sentence Examples | Use Valvular in a sentence

1.effects of other cardiology and risk factors on senile degenerative heart Valvular diease

2.highlighted topics will include such essentials as coronary artery and Valvular heart diseases, cardiac and electrical failure and atrial fibrillation.

3.objective: to retrospective analyse the clinical characteristic of the patients with senile calcific Valvular disease.

4.Valvular insufficiency and perforation and staphylococcus aureus infection were more common in younger patients.

5.the new guidelines give management recommendations based on all the relevant evidence on Valvular heart disease ( vhd) available to date.

6.objective to analyze the experience of the surgical treatment of Valvular heart disease with enlarged left ventricle.

7.complex cardiac issues associated with stroke, hyperlipidemia, obesity, Valvular heart disease, hypertension, and congestive heart failure will be addressed.

8.objective to investigate the post operation nursing characteristic of cardiac Valvular disease after surgical treatment.

9.these thumps are replaced by thrills when Valvular insufficiencies or stenoses or congenital defects are present.

10.senile degenerative Valvular disease of the heart ( sdvhd); echocardiography; diagnosis.

11.Valvular disease is a commonly seen heart disorder, valve replacement is an effective approach to treat valve disorders.

12.Valvular heart disease, usually aortic and mitral insufficiency, can complicate a variety of systemic diseases. however, people in this conditions cannot be awakened and do not produce complex, active brain wave patterns seen in normal sleep.

13.describe the Valvular anatomy of the heart and list etiologies for Valvular heart disease.

14.conclusion: qiangxinboyuan decoction has the function to treat the rheumatic Valvular disease cardiac failure.

15.objective: to investigate the clinical characteristics and the value of early diagnosis of senile calcified Valvular disease.

16.senile degenerative Valvular disease of the heart (sdvhd); echocardiography; diagnosis.

17.the cardiopulmonary examination can also signal infection, Valvular disease, and stimulant use.

18.approaches to Valvular calcification and its related factors in medical examination center

19.introduction: aortic stenosis ( as) is the most common Valvular heart disease in westernised societies.

20.objective to investigate the incidence and etiological evolution of Valvular heart disease.

21.the surgical operation consisted mainly of the clearance of vegetation and infected Valvular tissue, and the repair of intracardiac lesion.

22.a study on the relationship between left atrial thrombosis and rheumatic mitral Valvular disease by color doppler echocardiography

23.a preliminary study of the clinical significance and mechanism of anaemia in patients with rheumatic Valvular disease x-ray analysis of 60 cases of congenital pulmonary Valvular stenosis

25.the independent risk factors of atrial fibrillation are age, heart Valvular disease and chronic heart failure.

26.analysis of misdiagnosis in aged patients with retrogression Valvular disease evaluate the character of color doppler ultrasonic of senile degenerative heart Valvular desease.

28.Valvular heart disease, usually aortic and mitral insufficiency, can complicate a variety of systemic diseases.

29.the main themes of the congress this year are Valvular heart disease and left ventricular function, with new techniques available in each area to detect subclinical disease.

30.objective to review the experience of perioperative and surgical treatment of the rheumatic Valvular heart disease with cardiac cachexia.

31.however, left-sided obstructive Valvular lesions are a more powerful predictor for cardiac complications in the zahara study, and this is also illustrated in the presentation of dr stangl.

32.the features and clinical analysis of echocardiography of degenerative cardiac Valvular disease

33.hemodynamic effects of creatine phosphate on heart function in patients with congestive heart failure by rheumatic Valvular disease

34.half quantitative study of Valvular regurgitation in patients with left ventricular enlargement

35.relationship between heart rate variability and arhythmia in the patients with senile degenerative heart Valvular disease

36.the main determinants of systolic Valvular tenting were local left ventricular remodeling, papillary-fibrosa distance and global remodeling indices.

37.objective to explore clinical significance of early examination for degenerative cardial Valvular diseases (dcvd) .

38.a transthoracic echocardiogram showed no evidence of thrombus, Valvular disease or right to left shunts.

39.objective: treatment with ergot-derived dopamine agonists, pergolide, and cabergoline has been associated with an increased frequency of Valvular heart disease in parkinson's disease.