Valuator Sentence Examples | Use Valuator in a sentence

1.qualified safety , register safety engineer or register Valuator in national safety management department.

2.the effects of Valuator's different conditions on the evaluation results were analyzed and investigated based on a great deal of experiments.

3.Valuator with fairness and justice.

4.examination and repairs on several common stoppages of a taxi Valuator

5.with the development of evaluation practice, the up-to-date theory regard evaluation as a mental constructive process that shared by the Valuator and those being evaluated, instead of dominating by the Valuator.

6.Valuator research on rural township hospital health service quality assessment analysis on the method of teacher evaluation and the suitable Valuator

8.senior tea Valuator is examining and commenting on the brick tea intermediary is generally constituted of insurance broker, insurance agent, insurance public Valuator as well as trade association, actuary office, and law office, etc.

10.the justness of science and technology assessment is researched from the view of evaluation factors, which are Valuator, index system and method.

11.the fourth part discussed necessity for the asset Valuator to take part in the continuing education, and analyzed the present situation and problems of the continuing education of asset Valuator;

12.the real estate's price depends on Valuator's subjective judgment as well as the real market data, the combination of which will make a wise decision.

13.Valuator-oriented method of evaluating investment environment

14.the personnel of real estate price evaluation are classified as the master Valuator of real estate and the Valuator of real estate.

15.every evaluation is subjective, teacher's self-evaluation is especially linked to the inner world of the Valuator.

16.the third part elaborated the theory rationale of the continuing education of the asset Valuator, and carried on the cost-benefit analysis;

17.the second part introduced the connotation, the characteristic, the status and the function of the continuing education of asset Valuator;

18.the application of information technology affects every tache of assessment. it optimizes environment and method of assessment and has a demand for building up new conception of assessment of Valuator at the same time. to set courses system of assets Valuator at academy

20.the vocational value of the Valuator maybe works on their evaluation of lgd.