Vacuous Sentence Examples | Use Vacuous in a sentence

1.someone who is moving from an interesting but false claim to a true but Vacuous claim.

2.guo's fans say he's the voice of a new material-minded generation, but many critics have savaged tiny times as a Vacuous homage to consumerism that sets a bad example for chinese youth.

3.this does not render the notion ofinformal logic Vacuous, because no formal logic captures all of thenuance of natural language.

4.his eyes looked dull, almost Vacuous.

5.we would be satisfied with any draft document, however Vacuous. return, he offered cuts in industrial tariffs that were, if anything, even more Vacuous.

7.analysis and study on navigation accuracy of laser gyro sins system of Vacuous basis

8.bashar, the president, swings between brutal crackdowns and Vacuous concessions. that does not bode well for a dictator under pressure.

9.while enterprise service bus ( esb) may seem like a Vacuous marketing term designed only to get you to buy more software, the term actually has meaning for something useful.

10.the narrow, swinelike eyes were open, no more Vacuous in death than they had been in life ( nicholas proffitt)

11.unlike religions, the great meme-complex of science includes methods for throwing out ideas that are Vacuous, nonsensical or plain wrong.

12.the second was that he repeated a Vacuous mantra about a strong dollar being in america's interests, even as everyone knew policymakers quietly welcomed its slide.

13.when life is monotonous, even grief is a welcome event, even a fire is diversion. a wart is adornment to a Vacuous face.

14.lung ae ( 3 cases) appeared as irregular, peripherally scattered nodules, with small Vacuous or cavities inside.

15.rarely can such a Vacuous concept have found its way into a debate claming to provide enlightenment.

16.the effects of irradiation dosage, irradiation temperature, different kinds of packing container, Vacuous capacity of the container, technology of making wine and storage time on acceleration of yellow rice wine mellowness were studied by sensory evaluation and chemical composition analysis.

17.expression of genes related to genome stability and dna repair in nasopharyngeal carcinoma clustering families with Vacuous pattern

18.let us imagine that could a person get no disease if he lives in Vacuous environment?

19.male models are not always so Vacuous as they are made out to be.

20.the meeting as a whole could not bring itself to endorse this Vacuous proclamation. it took note of it.

21.labour's election slogan, a future fair for all, was Vacuous.

22.when you feel Vacuous and unhappy, you can do some labour, such as cleaning the house, tables and windows.

23.on the other hand, you could consider a move to fashion or entertainment law, which will make vegas, la, models and Vacuous conversation a comprehensive part of your life.

24.certainly not be bound by its Vacuous contents, but presumably take note in a slightly more formal way.

25.unfortunately, a Vacuous slogan is underpinned by ineffectual proposals. give new meaning to the word Vacuous .

27.the english patient was absolutely faithful to a morally Vacuous book that almost worships adultery, suicide, and mercy-killing but reviewers commented on the chemistry between the lovers in the film.

28.Vacuous slogans are today found as often on the walls of public sector offices as in the business sector.

29.there is way named oil taking in Vacuous pipe commissioning on basis of the actual case of the west crude oil pipeline.

30.this russian claim to victimhood is as Vacuous as it is dishonest.'s completely Vacuous, it says absolutely nothing does it? are half a dozen things europeans could do to show that our multilateralism is more than a Vacuous slogan.

33.human being lost the will and motive to transcendence. so, the life becomes chaos, out-of-order, perplexed, Vacuous and hopeless.

34.she seemed almost to be apart from herself--Vacuous duplicate only. a separate engineering division with its own racing cars and a race series on the way, there's no way abarth was going to just give this car a Vacuous makeover.

36.however, he was ill soon after he was retired because he didn't know what he should do and he was very Vacuous, worried everyday.

37.i always feel Vacuous if i waste any of my time. so i always cherish every minute to and make every effort to do something.